Why Indian B -Schools fail -A Case Study Inspired from A.R.Murugadoss’s Akira???

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This cult article may not reflect the exact management lessons learnt from the movie mentioned in the catchline. But it’s going to trigger a case through which the management teaching can be enriched & improved further. 

Generally, a B-school has got two different categories of target customers-one is king and the other one is prince. The king is of course the guardian or father and the prince is an MBA aspirant or son.We have to allure both and it’s like uniting two opposite poles together with the same string which is probably a most challenging task while taking a counselling session. I feel it’s quite easy to reach the zenith but  a hell of affairs to sustain further because if we don’t keep our promises, someone else is going to do it on our behalf and we are just lost in the mad rat race.


So for every profit center the old saying “perform or perish” becomes the universal marketing mantra.Either you become a giver to the society or fall victim to tantrums of rising expectations. In long run, you are to be a part of the Education Movement where every student is supposed to be tranformed methodically as a seasoned professional.

This kind of  gimmick idea came to my mind while watching A.R.Murugadoss’s  latest  Bollywood film “Akira”. The movie is no doubt a scissor sharp blockbuster of 2016. It gave me a gravity defying concept  and I realised that the entire world is going to test your each and every potential for which you are actually known & popular in the industry. This is a truth for man, material & machine.


I believe the modern day B -schools have to pass through this multi-layered litmus test too.This is just an opinion by a lensman like me because I feel a new entrant or start up in MBA paradise sometimes cannot sustain because of few important factors which are illustrated on later part of this article.

I have seen many top notch B- schools like Amity, Fazlani Altius, IBS, XIMB, KSOM-KIIT, Ravenshaw B School and so on in eastern zone of India who have created many landmark achievements because of some important benchmarking standards.They are best known for their qualities and unique pursuits.A suggestion that the B school management may or mayn’t follow. Still I think this is exactly what your captive audience expects from you buddies!

The recommendations are just defined below but choice is yours.You need to visualise the importance of the following parameters.

Content Quality-first & foremost ,the B schools need to develop their training contents and the qualities of these contents can be improved .We have mentioned few suggestions below.

  • Visuals: Videos and photos to be added to slides.
  • Double check to be made for target audience orientation. More focus on introvert audience.
  • Quotes from experts to be included.
  • Hyperlinks and keywords/recent trends to be included for more info.
  • Structuring through our standard formatting ,editing and proof reading procedures.
  • Bibliography can be included too. We can include name of some text/reference books
  • Case study to be attached in session plans so that the trainer himself stays prepared in advance.
  • Reference slides (while preparing content) can be drawn from contemporary B schools like XIMB,IMI ,BIMTECH for benchmarking.
  • Content should included something beyond entry level KRAs because ultimately we are going to build compatibility for higher roles too.
  • We can build a pool of professors, advisors, academicians and industry experts from local reputed B Schools who can ensure the quality.

Trainer quality-it is a must for this kind of national platform and can be improvised further by following these simple steps mentioned back to back.

  • Train the trainer(TTT/ToT) programme to be initiated at these B-schools.All faculty members/trainers can be called up to attend the same here itself so that they would able to watch how classes are being performed at global platforms.
  • Certified trainers & well qualified professors are required these days.Somebody from industry can also do excellent if he/she is little ornamental in speaking.
  • Quality circle to be created .
  • Goal setting for each teaching faculty member.
  • Trainers’ presentation on the basis of preset parameters to be initiated . We can call external experts too.
  • Review to be done on regular basis.
  • Ensuring Ph.D. ,FDP,MDP for professors/trainers.
  • Ensuring the faculty members/trainers to take part time classes at reputed organizations on profit sharing mode with B-schools

Trainer delivery-is a must for the facilitating the pedgogy and it can be improved by executing the following view points.

  • Domain training and soft skills packages for all.
  • Session plan and syllabus discussion. Adherence to session plans. Review of our session plans from peers. Deviations to be clearly marked in daily reports with valid reasons.
  • Daily reporting to be intitiated
  • Conference call can be done in case the HO is far off .
  • Pedagogy may include Lecture method, Question and Answers, PPTs,etc.
  • We need to eliminate valueless process and mistakes for a zero defect system.
  • Training to be given on how to handle difficult audience.
  • Curriculum to be made student driven .More assignment, workshops, seminars, industry visit, field study, survey, small projects,etc.
  • Different students’clubs should be established and promoted .
  • Classes to be made more activity oriented.
  • Assessment to be made mandatory after each module for 100% learning guarantee. Results to be declared and pasted on Notice board.
  • Business standard review, Economic Times review, Indian Economy, Biography presentation are must.
  • Games and Activities to be included in the curriculum. Mentoring system by trainers should be initiated.
  • Competitions like collage should be facilitated during class hours.
  • Placement and internship highlights to be regularly pasted on Academic Information boards.
  • Group mail id for each batch to be created for e-communication.
  • Best trainer award and Student of the Year award to be declared
  • Certificate distribution through Convocation should be done.
  • Industry-Academia interface should be initiated.
  • Reverse mentoring by Student Academic Associates
  • Student Presentation everyday from 4pm-5pm in every session to be done.
  • Corporate mentors to be identified.
  • Expectation management of new students should be done from beginning.
  • E- library /Tab Lab for Students
  • E-International Journal with ISSN number where trainers can contribute articles.
  • Seminar leaves for trainers
  • Newspaper presentation by students
  • Case study writing to be made mandatory for trainers. They have to make publications and have to write some case study for us.
  • Wellness program to be run whereby we can create a new id for example wellness@xyzedu.com. From this id we can send different articles to trainers. Articles should be on health tips, stress management, spiritualism, diet etc.
  • Blend of spiritualism and karmic connection with curriculum. Yoga and meditation to be done in classes once in a month.
  • In stead of workbook we can distribute CDs loaded with all PPTs which can be cost saving too.
  • Short questions preparation in classes.
  • Tutorial or rector classes to be enforced for doubt clearing.
  • Academic review of students and feedback by trainers.
  • Earn while you learn program initiation in each batch.
  • Dress code for students to be enforced.
  • Grooming check & zero tolerance policy to be made a part of the show
  • Surprise checks to be done on regular intervals.
  • Student’s feedback.
  • Partners problem solving.
  • Student assessment, class test, etc.
  • Events to be organized.

Assessment-is the final method to test the knowledge level and impact of professing.It can be improved by adopting few changes like

  • Mock practice sessions through written, online, PI / Viva Voce.
  • Assessment criteria to be discussed.
  • Syllabus to be discussed.
  • Pre Final Assessment Test.

Internship and Placement-few suggestions are listed below

  • First we need to name the Program e.g. Pinnacle 2016/Xtacy 2016 .The banner to be continued year after year
  • Grading the students on basis of Domain and Comm. Skills.
  • Partner/ Trainer/ Corporate guest feedback on students to be assessed.
  • Resume Building,F2F, MOCK,GDPI, Brainstorming, JAM,HAM to be included in work readiness modules.
  • Students’database management and CV collection in standard format with B School logo to be done.
  • Suspecting, Prospecting, Scheduling, Finishing School, Campusing, Documentation.
  • Foot mapping/Field visit/Sector wise combing operation.
  • Walk ins from daily news paper to be pasted.
  • Student Placement Committee formulation by Trainers. CR appointment.
  • Internship evaluation and report. Research methodology to be discussed. Review and feedback from External guides.
  • Media relation.
  • Job fair at campus can be done
  • Placement Officers meet and Felicitation.
  • Supplementary placement assistance.
  • Requisition forms specifying JD ,package, location, eligibility to be signed by different companies.
  • Card packers and e mails, RFP on notice board .
  • Gifts for Valued recruiters.
  • Newsletter and Placement bulletin.
  • Placement trackers to be reviewed.
  • Entrepreneurship to be promoted under a new banner “Rags to Riches.” Here we can present the biography of self made Millionaires.
  • PNR –Placement Not Required can be collected from those students who require degrees.
  • Business Incubation projects through SME.

Henceforth we can request B-schools to build a relation for the life which requires a lot of hardship and ground work.

Oh my stakeholders! can we now think of a new MBA universe?The race is now yours. Rest all is mine. Catch if you can! Be the guardian of good times.

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