Indians Should Change Their Priorities – From Bollywood & Religion to Productivity & Humanity!

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It is disheartening to see that the month long protest of Tamil Nadu farmers didn’t get the deserved attention from the authorities, but a certain tweet from Sonu Nigam (Bollywood singer) became a national issue. Mr. Nigam said let’s discuss and everybody from the religious fraternity to film industry to politicians and even aam aadmi got ready to get their hands dirty.

While the nation got ready to waste enormous energy on this random tweet from Mr. Nigam, elsewhere, our farmers despite half shaving their heads as well as moustaches, walking naked, and stuffing rats into their mouth struggled to gain attention till they drank their own urine and threatened to eat their own feces.

Interestingly, a Kolkata based Muslim cleric Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quadri even offered to pay Rs 10 lakh to anyone who shaved Nigam’s head, while another man filed a complaint against Nigam in Aurangabad. Ok, their religious sentiments were hurt but then where were these two gentlemen or for that matter all those who got offended when Muslim men died at the hands of gau rakshaks recently in Alwar and Delhi?

Nigam’s tweet made their blood boil but not the death of those men? What should be the focus of these religious men – working towards the welfare of the people or creating unnecessary nuisance towards a certain random tweet by a certain random celebrity? Shouldn’t they be focusing on the upliftment of their community at a time when it is becoming difficult for them to do business or even live a normal life?

If you remember, we had celebrities, politicians and young brigade across Tamil Nadu joining together to protest Jallikattu ban, wonder where are they now? In fact not just them but all the people who opposed Jallikattu too. After all, if they fought for animal’s right, they surely would be empathetic towards the humans and their rights. In fact both the parties, the defenders as well as offenders of Jallikattu should come together jointly towards the cause of Tamil Nadu farmers.

But, we are either busy trolling people on social media, spreading hatred against other religion or wasting our energy and time on comments made by Bollywood celebrities. We would rather remind an actress about her poor knowledge of national anthem than working together in unison towards a cause.

It is not that we Indians do not care for a cause but only when it has all the attention from the media….until then we don’t bother much. This is the reason why a yogi turned CM’s food habit is more important to us than the condition of the farmers protesting.

Often Indian media chooses to ignore important crucial news and serve us with all sort of masala news. We sham them time and again. But, are they really to be blamed? Well, media covers only stuff that they think can sell, and accept it or not, the selling point is totally dependent on the people i.e. us. Yes, it is an infinite loop.

So, now that our media is well versed with the fact that Bollywood, Cricket, Religion and gossips are enough to feed people’s platter on a daily basis, they deliberately focus only on those topics. Why  waste energy on stuff that people are not interested like an ongoing Farmer’s protest? Yet, we shamelessly call certain newspaper as the toilet seat of India despite knowing the fact what actually made them to stoop so low.

We should not forget the fact that, if we want Indian media to shift their priorities from cricket, bollywood and religion to other productive things, we’ll have to first change our tastes and interests. It is high time we stop blaming media and start shifting our mindset towards causes that are important and worth investing our time and energy.

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