Ishqbaaz Update: Shivaay to Know Daksh’s Reality & False Accusations against Anika?

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We all know how Shivaay was falling in love with Anika until of course Daksh came in between and made false accusations against Anika so that he could plant the seeds of hatred in Shivaay’s mind.


Daksh knew Shivaay is in love with Anika and so being an obsessed lover, he did everything to keep Shivaay away from Anika. This is the reason why he said that Anika slept with him (even though she didn’t)

However, now that Shivaay married Anika the latest Ishqbaaz update is that, Daksh, the obsessive lover will try to seek revenge.

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Daksh Will Kidnap Anika

Daksh will know that Shivaay.married his fiance Anika. He’ll be so angry that he will kidnap Anika and torture her. Shivaay will be in stress knowing about the kidnapping.

Buzz is that he will realize that Daksh is the same obsessive lover of Anika who has been troubling her all this while. He’ll be successful in helping Anika from Daksh cruelty and will also be sad to see Anika’s condition. After he loves her.

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Ishqbaaz Update: Shivaay Will.Realize How Daksh Lied Him about Anika

After knowing Daksh’s reality, Shivaay will know that everything that Daksh said about Anika was baseless. He will realize that Daksh falsely accused Anika so that he could keep Shivaay away from Anika.

Shivaay will realize how Daksh fooled him only to get Anika.

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