Nakuul Mehta and Shivaay Singh Oberoi: Know the Similarities & Differences!

We all love Nakuul Mehta and we all love his on-screen character Shivaay Singh Oberoi that he plays in Ishqbaaz. After all, he has got style, panache and confidence to play the super rich and the super powerful Oberoi son who can own the world by a single phone call.

While it is interesting to watch Nakuul on screen as Shivaay, here we share similarities and differences between Nakuul and Shivaay from the horse’s mouth in an exclusive chat that’s up on HotStar.

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How is Nakuul Mehta Different from Shivaay Singh Oberoi?

Well, Shivaay Singh Oberoi is powerful, borderline obsessive, OCD and a perfectionist. On the contrary, Nakuul is completely different. He doesn’t have any of these traits in him. This is the reason why Nakuul enjoys playing the role so much as he gets to be an altogether different person and that too somebody so very powerful.

Also, unlike Shivaay, Nakuul is not at all judgmental. He likes to meet people of all kinds irrespective of their background.

What is Common between Nakuul and Shivaay?

These days no matter where Nakuul goes he is asked to do the ‘hair thing’ the way he does as Shivaay in the serial Ishqbaaz. However, Nakuul maintains that he isn’t so particular about his hair like Shivaay is and his hair are rather very clumsy.

Interestingly, the only common thing between Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Nakuul Mehta is that they both love black coffee and that’s where the similarity ends.

What Is Their Idea of Love?

Since Shivaay has no idea of love, Nakuul wishes Shivaay to get true love someday. After all, the only love Shivaay knows is about brotherly love and his love towards his daadi. On the other hand, Nakuul believes in love greatly.

Talking in his own words, he mentions, “I love ‘love’, I think love is great”.  He even insists and jokes that the song ‘Ishqwala Love’ was always in his head well before the song came out. Interestingly, Nakuul remembers his feeling of first love till date and thinks love is simply beautiful.

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The Temperament

Going by the video on Hotstar, it seems that Nakuul Mehta is quite cool. He is not at all hot headed unlike Shivaay who is so egoistic, rude and sometimes even quite straight forward.

No wonder, we have been loving him on Twitter from day 1, after all, he is the only star from the show Ishqbaaz who is so active when it comes to sharing, tweeting, and re-tweeting fan’s messages, replies, quotes and of course our articles.

Oh my Maata, Love you Nakuul and love you Shivaay!

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