The Protesting Farmers in Mumbai are Now Labelled as Urban Maoist?

Image Courtesy: Priyanka via Facebook
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So, the poor farmers who walked 200 km, barefoot, are labeled as “Urban Maoists”

Image Courtesy: Priyanka via Facebook

Why? Only because they carried Red Color Flags.

That’s what makes them Maoists!!!

And what did they exactly do?

They walked silently into the city. They walked even more on Sunday night so that the school schedules won’t be disrupted for the exam going students.

They stood their ground silently at Azad Maidaan.

They did not come on the streets and create a ruckus.

They did not break anything, other than their own feet on the hard streets.

They did not burn anything other than their own skin in the hot sunny Mumbai heat.

These are our deadly Urban Maoists.

Meanwhile, in Rajasthan, the Karni Sena burnt vehicles and threw stones at school buses. They displayed swords on National TV and demanded to cut off heads and noses. They wanted their demands met or they threatened that their women would burn themselves.

They were defended by every BJP spokesperson in every debate. They held saffron flags in their hands. They were Nationalists.

In Haryana, the Jats went on a rampage. Because they needed special recognition they killed and they plundered. They burnt down shops and held the common people on the streets to ransom.

Not a word was said against them by any of the BJP spokespeople. They held Saffron flags in their hands. They were Nationalists.

The Shri Raam Sene took it upon themselves to save the culture of India. They beat up women in pubs because they were wearing short skirts. They slapped them and they mauled them.

They are now acquitted and receive the full support of those in power. Not a word was said against them by BJP. They wore saffron bandanas while beating up these women. They are Nationalists.

Now, I don’t hold a brief for the Communists nor do I have a problem with the Saffronists.

Red and Saffron are just two colors for me.

But at the moment if I have to choose……. I would choose the Urban Maoist Peaceful Protestors any day over the Saffron Nationalist Hooligan Hatemongers.

Disclaimer: Those who want to teach us the Culture of India, should go and learn how to be Cultured from those whom they are terming as Maoists.

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