Why Mrunal Thakur and Sharad Chandra Tripathi Don’t Deserve To Win Nach Baliye 7

TV Actor Mrunal Thakur and her baliye Sharad Chandra Tripathi is making noise right from the very first day of the show Nach Baliye 7. While, the couple seems to be very sweet to each other, they are filled with bitterness when it comes to their views on the other celebrity couples. A perfect spoilsport, they are the most cold-hearted of all the couples.


Here we share some of the reasons as to why Sharad Chandra Tripathi and Mrunal Thakur shouldn’t win this celebrity dance competition.

The Couple Is Too Rude and Insolent

While the other couples respect other, Mrunal and Tripathi never lose any chance to insult other people and couple. Sharad Tripathi for instance insulted almost all the girls for making those Aaloo Parathas. The ruthless person didn’t even bother to understand that most of the girls do not even know cooking. Still, he sounded tolerable as the host Ritwik ended his drama by his own dialect. Then again he was heard talking ill about Payal Rohtagi when she confessed in front of Karan Patel that she got confused over the rules of the game.

They are Too Judgemental

Remember the daily punchnama episode where Mrunal became judgmental and started talking ill about all the couples and their relationship especially Nandish Sandhu and Rashami Desai?

Being too judgmental, Mrunal Thakur not only shocked the viewers but even offended fellow contestant Nandish Sandhu who is known as Mr.Cool. It all began in one of the episodes of Daily Punchama. Here, the couple was given the task of choosing the news published on them and also the news published on other couple. Nandish and Rashami’s news was on domestic violence which was obviously a rumour. The news read that it was only because of domestic violence that the couple had problems between them. While, Nandish rubbished the rumour and even mentioned the real reason behind his and Rashami’s problem, Mrunal was too adamant to believe Nandish.

According to her, in the past, Nandish could have raised his hand on Rashami and this news couldn’t be false. She justified her stand, by saying that sometimes even a coolest man when loses his mental balance can raise a hand on his partner and commit domestic violence. Nandish, however was shocked to hear these harsh words from Mrunal which of course was not expected. No wonder, her words was very uncouth even for enemies, let alone a fellow contestant.

To be honest, Mrunal was not being straightforward but very weird. For the very first time, Mrunal exposed herself, her real nature and real self. She thought she is being very smart. However, by uttering such harsh words when she is not even aware of the reality, she proved she is the worst of all the girls present in the house.

When couples like Aishwarya – Rohit, Amruta – Himmanshu and Upen – Karishma were trying their best to help and support the other couple by being considerate about their problems, Mrunal and Sharad acted too meany. We agree it is just a reality dance competition, but the way the two behaved in the show, it showed how heartless they are

While, Nach Baliye 7 is all about love, dance, chemistry, the strange behavior and mindset of Mrunal Thakur and Sharad only spoils the atmosphere of the contest. If this is their attitude, they surely do not deserve to win the trophy…

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