Suggestion: 6 Key Topics Narendra Modi Can Include in His 15th August Speech!

By Narendra Modi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

So, Narendra Modi is asking the people of India to suggest him topics to speak on for the 15th August speech of his which he will be delivering from the Red Fort …. oh scratch that …. Dalmia Red Fort.

By Narendra Modi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Thats cool eh? Suggestions from public…. fine…. here are mine.

1. Talk about how the social fabric of the country is being ripped apart by communal and divisive politics and how do you plan to amend that.

2. Talk about how Muslims and Dalits are feeling unsafe in this country by the constant systematic lynching and what are you going to do to stop that and make them feel safer.

3. Talk about how women are being raped, left right and center, and then left to die or fend for themselves while the Govt keeps making new laws about rape without any proper implementation and tell us what you are going to do so that Women in India feel safer.

4. Tell us how you are going to ensure that joblessness in India will be reversed and that youth wont have to turn to crime because of the lack of jobs.

5. Talk about why the TN farmers were eating their own shit outside your office and when are you going to meet them.

6. And finally tell us, why is the country being divided on the lines of Hindu-Muslim, Masjid-Mandir, Samshaan-Kabristaan in the speeches given by you and your party members and how are you going to reverse this polarisation which has made people start hating each other because of their religion and castes.

This would work great if you really consider yourself to be the Prime Minister of India (trash the Pradhaan Sevak jhumla).

On the other hand ofcourse, you can talk about how Congress destroyed India for the last 70 years, how Nehru created partition 70 years back, how Indira declared an emergency 40 years ago, how the opposition is not allowing to work and how things would have been different if Sardar Patel was the Prime Minister of India instead of Nehru. You can also mock Mamata “didi didi didi” and make fun of Sonia Gandhi’s accent and name call some of the other opposition leaders, in your typical nasal voice.

This should work great if like every other speech of yours, your only intention is to gain a electoral victory and garner a stronger vote bank, basically acting as the Prime Minister of BJP.

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