Parenting Tips: How to Improve Creativity and Curiosity in Children

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Children are born with a remarkable sense of curiosity and imagination. Children love to touch, observe, feel, taste, listen, observe and ponder around because of the inbuilt natural curiosity. This curiosity only enables them to learn and understand the world around them.

Curiosity and imagination together with the ability to reason lead to creativity. Creativity is very important for humans to sustain or improve their lives with new ideas, inventions, and solutions.

All children should be encouraged to be curious and creative in order to develop valuable problem-solving skills that later enhance their play, education, relationships, emotional lives and career as well.

Parenting Tips: Parents Role in Promoting Creativity

  • Provide a safe environment for the child to explore and experiment throughout childhood. Offer guideline and set safety limits.
  • Show positive attitude that encourages and values the curiosity and creativity of the child. Frame your child’s creation, put on the wall or showcase it at the side table or study table; send it to grandparents, relatives, and friends; put it on social media and read out all positive feedbacks to the child.
  • Provide safe toys, blocks, art materials as per age and let the child discover and invent an open-ended play; wherein he leads his own play.
  • Respect and encourage your child’s quiet, reflective time wherein he can dream, invent, experiment, draw or doodle.
  • Encourage your child to be a problem solver during playtime, studies and while daily routine chores also.
  • Be a good creativity role model; create opportunities for your family to be creative together. Your child will benefit greatly from the example you set.
  • Engage in lively and creative conversations about the world around you with your child.
  • Go for a walk in the woods, on the beach, across the garden, in your neighborhood. Observe, walk, feel and chat with your child while exploring the nature around you.
  • Believe in your child’s imagination and their stories, enter their world and encourage them to think and explore their best of knowledge.
  • Encourage them to feel, explore and think out of the box ideas.

Benefits of Creativity in Children

  • They learn to shape up their dreams into reality through imagination.
  • It helps them to find creative, constructive solutions to their problems in play, work, and relationships through brainstorming.
  • To express their thoughts, ideas, feelings, delight, emotions, and humor to others.
  • To feel the inner joy of creativity.
  • To satisfy their human need to contribute something good or interesting to the world.

Imagination is one of the most fun things you can engage in with your child. It is a way of coming together, of feeling closeness. Every parent has an opportunity to do a tremendous amount for your child just by those few minutes of shared make-believe or shared storytelling.

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Creativity is really the impulse to self-expression. Every child, every living person, longs to be able to communicate his thoughts, feelings, and capabilities; to put his thumbprint on the world and to say, “I’m here!”.?

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