Porus Serial Spoiler: Kanishk To Cast His Eyes on Laachi!

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In the serial Porus, both Puru and Paurav rashtra current Yuvraj Kanishk have met each other. Their meeting wasn’t a healthy one and this will further deteriorate. After all, both of them are the sons of King Bamni and therefore have the rightful claim to the throne.

However, their initial rift won’t be anything around the throne but for Puru’s friend and Dasyu king’s daughter Laachi.

Porus serial spoiler: The Evil Kanishk Will Try to Harass Laachi

In the upcoming episode of Porus serial, we will soon witness Kanishk troubling Laachi. After all, being a brat and overly pampered by the evil Amatya Shivdutt what else can we expect from him. However, the moment he’ll try to cast his evil eyes on Laachi, Porus will come to her rescue. This will further increase the animosity between Kanishk and Porus. However, nobody will know the reality of each other.

Porus Will Hurt Kanishk

The initial face-off, followed by Laachi incident will lead a strong tussle between the two. Next, Porus will hurt Kanishk physically who will then go and complain about him to his father i.e. King Bamni of Paurav Rashtra. This incident we hope will bring Bamni and Porus face to face. However, neither Bamni nor Porus will know about each other.

It would, therefore, be interesting to see the rapport between Bamni and Porus hereafter. Will it be a friendly one or will it be full of hard feelings? Nevertheless, Puru has dared to anger the Yuvraj of Paurav rashtra in his own kingdom. Meanwhile, let me tell you Queen Anusuya is alive and Puru will be her protector soon.

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