How to Protect Your Baby from Mosquito Bites: Top 7 Tips!

protect your baby from mosquito bites
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When mosquitoes bug you, you can hit, zap, or shoo them away to stay protected from their maddening buzz and bites. However, when it comes to your baby, he/she needs your assistance and help to stay protected from stings and pesky mosquito bites.

Like me, you too might wonder – what really works and most importantly what’s safe for your baby munchkin. Here I shall share seven ways that has helped me shield my baby from mosquitoes –

1.Use Mosquito Repellent

We all know about chemical repellents that are effective against mosquitoes but when it comes to protecting your little bundle of joy (especially under 4 months), always go for natural mosquito repellents. The natural repellents are made up of components from mosquito repellent plants such as Citronella, Lemon grass oil, Eucalyptus etc. This is the reason why they are not only good for 4-5 hours of application but also capable of shielding your baby from Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya.

2.Use Nets and Screens

Nets and Screens prevent mosquitoes from entering your house. So, whether you are indoors or outdoors, ensure you use nets to cover your baby’s bed, pram, and stroller all the time. In addition, double check that the net is tight enough so that there are neither any mosquitoes trapped inside nor there is any hole to help them seek inside. Screens can also be used on doors and windows to avert the entry of mosquitoes inside your home.

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3. Keep Your Baby Away from Sweat

Researchers and scientists have long known that mosquitoes are attracted to the human odour of sweat. Therefore, it is not only necessary that you bathe your baby daily but also make sure all the family members who come near the baby is sweat free. Yes, sweat is not only stinky but also messy for your baby as mosquitoes (with blurry vision) use odour to find their next meal.

4. Keep Mosquito Breeding Grounds Clean

Mosquitoes tend to breed in stagnant water and unkempt areas. Therefore, drain out all stagnant water and try to keep the surroundings clean and dry especially in your balcony and terrace area where you might have plants and pots. Alternatively, pour kerosene oil or petroleum in water build-ups that cannot be cleared. These form a thin film over the water preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs and breeding in the stagnant water.

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5. Dress the Baby Appropriately to Avert Mosquito Bites

Make your baby wear light-colored, long-sleeved clothes made of cotton or any other breathable material. This minimizes the area exposed to mosquitoes without making the baby too hot. Loose onesies that cover the feet and hands of the baby are a good option, as mosquitoes can bite through tight clothing.

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6. Be Aware of Peak Mosquito Times

Mosquitoes are most active during the evening. Keep the doors and windows closed at that time so that mosquitoes cannot enter the house. Also, avoid taking babies out at that time to keep them safe from mosquito bites.

7. Use Mosquito-repelling Fragrances

Mosquitoes are attracted to flowery and fruity fragrances. Avoid these by choosing fragrance-free products for babies and for other members of the house. Additionally, burn lemongrass, cedar, lavender or eucalyptus-flavoured candles or incense sticks to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

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Use the above mentioned 7 tips to protect your baby and infants from mosquito bites. Let us know if you have any additional ‘daadi maa ke nuske’ that we can add in here. Happy Parenting!

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