5 Reasons why we are excited to Watch Rajat Tokas in Naagin

It’s been long since we last saw Rajat Tokas on TV screen after the end of Jodha Akbar serial. No wonder, we requested Ekta Kapoor to bring him back. Looks like our voices have been heard. After all, Rajat Tokas is back with a bang with yet another Balaji Telefilms’ show Naagin. Naagin is high on TRPs from the day it started and Ms. Kapoor is leaving no stones unturned in keeping our interest alive with some interesting twists and turns.

This is the reason why Rajat Tokas is introduced in the serial, and here the reasons why the fans are excited to watch him in Naagin.

Rajat Tokas on the Naagin set

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Rajat Tokas Is Not Essaying the Role of a Historical Legend

He was seen as Prithviraj and then as Akbar, the Great. However, Naagin being a super-natural thriller, here we will see Rajat in an altogether different role. For a change, Rajat Tokas will be seen in his usual self.

Rajat Tokas Will Enter as a Negative Character

Rajat will be introduced as an Icchadari nevla whose aim is to kill Icchadari Naagin. So, he’ll somehow try to kill both Shivanay and Sesha. Now, that we have seen Rajat in positive roles always, it will be interesting to see him in a negative role.

Rajat’s Entry Is Going to Change the Fate of Naagin

The moment Rajat will enter the serial, Shivanay and Sesha’s life will take some major twists and turns. His entry is going to change the course of both the Naagin’s. Things might change however, Shivanaya’s husband Rithik will support her constantly.

It’s Been Long Since we saw him on TV

The moment Rajat is away from TV screen people miss him badly. So, Rajat’s entry in the serial is creating quite an excitement amongst the TV viewers. No wonder, we know he is a perfectionist when it comes to acting.

Rajat has the ability to Lose His Real Self in the Character he plays

When Rajat Tokas plays a character, he loses himself entirely in it. This is the reason why we love him as well as the character. This is the reason why we are eager to watch him as this time he is going to essay a negative character and that too a negative one.

Are you excited too? What is your reason?

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