What About The Food Wastage in Government Godown, Ram Vilas Paswan Ji?

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First they told you what you can or cannot eatNow they are going to tell you how much you can eat.

Image Courtesy: livemint

Ram Vilas Paswan has sprung into action the moment Modi did his yet another Monkey Bath (not sure how it’s spelt) about how “Food should not be wasted but should be given to the poor.”

Paswan has immediately summoned all the Restaurant owners to talk to them about standardise the portions of food they serve to their patrons. This is amazing. I am very very impressed.

I mean, imagine the amount of food that we would be saving by reducing those two spoons of rice which might be extra in the dish that we order when we eat out.

And why stop at that, I say? The BJP Government should go one step ahead and regulate the portions of food in those extravagant weddings too.

The invitations for weddings and other functions should include the rationed menu card too.

“Two roti, one spoon rice, one katori sabzi and half a papad — bring gifts in proportion to the menu.”

Of Course this rule will not apply to the weddings of the Politicians who fly their guests in helicopters and spend a few crores simply on the fancy invitation cards.

Meanwhile all the food which rots in the godowns of the Government and never reaches the needy can be ignored.

The food wastage in Government godowns is estimated to be at an excess of Rs. 40,000 crores EVERY YEAR, Ram Vilas Paswan Ji. But we can always discuss that after we are done chest thumping about this Masterstroke by the habitual Masterstroker, Modi Ji.

The article was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his facebook timeline.

Disclaimer: I do hope the BJP Government immediately arrests all those farmers from Tamil Nadu who were seen eating rice and daal off the streets of Delhi, surely they weren’t going to eat that rice which got stuck to the road and that sounds like a criminal waste to me.

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