Goodbye Reliance Jio 4g! I Don’t Intend to be Your Prime Customer!

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The post was first published by Farhan Rahman on his Facebook timeline

Goodbye Reliance Jio 4g. Thanx for the freebie that you provided me for around 4 months. ??

I understand that you wish me to continue with your services, and your desperation is visible in your messages and calls urging me to take up your prime membership plan, but sorry Mota bhai. ???

I would have continued with your services, but it would deprive me of something very dear – the sheer pleasure of screwing the most unscrupulous business house of India, milking its services for free, for a full 4 month. That too without compromising with my Adhaar details ????

I wouldn’t forego this pleasure even for a treasure ????

The pleasure of robbing a company which cheated me through forced and unwanted hello tunes, the pleasure of robbing a company which has a ‘ghatiya’ customer service, a company which cheated its customer who had been using its services for more than 10 years.

And finally, the pleasure of dumping a company which is unscrupulously aiding the fall of democracy by providing its network free (conveniently providing the free services during election time) so that hate messages could be spread via WhatsApp, culminating in victory of communal forces ….

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So, excuse me Mota bhai. I don’t intend to be your prime customer. Your Prime Customer is someone else. Get your payments from him.

From my side, all that I could give to you is ???

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