10 SMS Tracker to Spy On Text Messages

The use of mobile phones has dramatically increased. Surely, things are now easier having this handy gadget with us all time. However, it can also be worrisome. After all kids use them and being a parent you might wonder who your kids are texting late night. Besides, some might be losing sleep because they are suspicious of their spouse cheating on them. This is the reason why many have even resorted to the use of SMS tracker and that is perfectly fine, if it is able to put them at ease.

If you are one of them and are debating over how to spy on text messages, then there is no need for you to worry. There are many great SMS Tracker Iphone and Android users are going for which can serve you any information you want on a platter.


It is one of the most effective sms tracker software out there for spying on someone. The features are quite reliable and easy to use. The best thing about this software is that it is not just limited to text messages but also other social media and messaging applications like Whatsapp and Facebook. Find more about this sms tracker software on Myspy


This application is specifically designed to monitor text messages and is thus a great choice to go with. If your target is Blackberry user, this application can be really handy. It can even track call logs. However, the catch with this software is that it doesn’t have free trial or flexible payment plans.


This application as received some great review from its users and has a reliable customer support. Being just as effective as mSpy, you can use this software to track not only SMS and call logs but also sent and received emails, whatsapp messages, etc. One of the benefits of using FlexiSpy is that it provides all information needed.


Another great program to track SMS messages, which will provide an extremely detailed tracked data on your dashboard that you can access anytime is Mobistealth. However, it doesn’t come with GPS tracking but like most spy software, it can be used to track any kind of messaging platforms.

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Highster Mobile

Known for its reliability, Highster Mobile will provide you with the best tracking details in the business. It is easy to ease and has great customer reviews. The only catch is that it doesn’t come with a parental feature.

Auto Forward Spy

Compatible with Iphone and Android, Auto Forward Spy is an ideal text messaging tracker because of its user friendliness. You can even spy on target phone’s photos using this tracker and it also allows recording an ongoing phone conversation.

Surepoint Spy

It is another great tracker competing among its peers. One of the biggest advantages of using Surepoint Spy is that it is designed for an average user and you will not have to jailbreak your Iphone as well.


Another great program to spy on text messages and call logs, TrackMyPhones comes with “thief tracker” which is really helpful in case you lose your phone. This application is also completely free to use.


There can be many reasons why you would need to spy on someone’s phone and SpyBubble is answer to all of them. It is easy to install and to use, which is compatible with almost any mobile operating system.

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Mobile Spy

Use this software to not only track SMS messages but also Whatsapp, Viber, and others.  It has many great features which are easy to use and further makes it a great option to go with.

Pick any one from this wide range of spy software and put yourself at ease. However, do understand why you are spying and its consequences. Lastly, before spending on any of these software, read their reviews and choose what fits you the best.


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