Why I Switched From Star Plus to Zee Zindagi!

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This post is written by Meenakshi S. Rao

After   making   a place   in   the hearts of millions of fans and followers   from   India   and Overseas, with   a   heavy   heart   the show Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan which aired on Star Plus from Monday to Saturday at 10.30 pm said   good bye to us forever on August 29.


In spite of repeated request and even an online petition, Star Plus paid no heed to the fan’s plea. The fans felt dejected. In fact, they are so heartbroken still over the loss that they have stopped watching the channel Star Plus altogether. 

As    a   senior   citizen   of   India,   I   wasted   all    my   time   promoting   this   serial  thinking   that  at least   another    good   job   in   my  life    would   make    millions    happy.

In spite of being a fan of so many actors on Star Plus, I stopped watching the channel   and   switched    myself   to   other   channels  especially Zee Zindagi  and  Sony  TV. No wonder, at 10.30 pm,  I used to feel miserable without Manmarziyan. Just imagine  the   plight  of   the    youth   who   were   so   much   attached   to   the    show.

We   at least   can think  positively, what   about   them   who   are   still revolting and taking all sorts of actions against  Swastik  Productions and Star Plus?

I don’t know how Pushkar  Mahabal   took    advantage   of   these   4   main   characters    of   Manmarziyan  ,who   ruled    the    hearts    of   millions.   One   thing   is   sure,  all   the    fans   including    myself, we   will   follow   these   stars   wherever    they   go   and   join,  by   hook   or   crook and support   them   individually,   keeping   them   in   our   hearts   permanently. 

Our    best   wishes    and God’s   blessings    are   always   there   with   Aham Sharma, Monica Sehgal , Shravan  Reddy   and   Kashmira Irani . By removing one of the most practical and good show they have not only betrayed the fans but have also made a huge dent in their future prospects.


With Regards ,

Meenakshi Rao

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