Suicide Is Not Cowardice

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Suicide is not cowardice.

It takes an immense amount of mental distress to inflict self-pain and it’s not easy to do so in your conscious mind.

You won’t even be able to prick your finger with a hairpin, deliberately, without your hands trembling. So, who is the coward???

Suicidal tendencies are born out of depression amongst other things.

It is not a decision taken to “run away from life” as some like to quote in a rather off hand manner.

When your pain to live life on a daily basis supersedes the pain to end your life, that’s when your suicidal tendencies are formed.

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Depression is a clinical illness which is difficult to understand for those who haven’t been through it……an illness like any other.

You don’t call someone succumbing to cancer as a “coward” do you?

Each and every person who has gone through a phase of depression will vouch for how many times they have thought of ending their own life or even attempted it.

Do not demean such people by calling them cowards.

The depressed people need professional help which goes beyond “Chal tere ko party Deta hu” kind of cheering up tactics.

If we all have a kind word to say to such people and direct them towards a professional rather than stigmatizing mental health issues I am pretty sure more people can be assisted to recover from depression or at least be helped to cope with it better.

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To anyone who ever feels the need to talk or a shoulder to lean on, never hesitate to inbox me here. I respond to everyone and would be most happy to listen to you.

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Disclaimer: Calling someone a coward is the easiest thing you can do when you don’t have the flexibility to stand in their shoes for a moment. It is not they who lack the courage but you who lack the empathy and basic humanity.

This post on Suicide was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his Facebook Timeline.

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