How to Uplift Yourself if you are suffering from Depression Symptoms?

If you are capable of causing enough depression to yourself, then you are capable of creating a considerable amount of vehement emotions and intense thoughts, but, obviously in the wrong direction. After all, unless and until you have intense emotions and thoughts about something, you are unlikely to get depressed and/or acquire the depression symptoms.

The power to cause depression to yourself is in your hands, and you, by your thoughts generate such intense emotions that it work against you. Such thought process can not just make ‘you’ lose your mental balance, but ‘anybody’ who pushes himself/herself into this madness. After all, the line between sanity and insanity is quite thin.

And every time you go mad, and/or angry, you push the line of sanity towards insanity. Nevertheless, it is a thin line. This reminds me of the principle of polarity explained in the Seven Hermetic principles that clearly states, “extreme opposites are nothing but the different degrees of the same thing.”

Sanity and insanity, just like heat and cold, love and hate, are no two different phenomenon, but the same thing. The only difference between the two state of mind is the level of the degree. You push the degree, and you end up falling on the wrong side.

So, how do you uplift yourself and raise your degree from depression symptoms to moments of joy, happiness and fulfillment?

Keep Your Thoughts and Language in Check

Are you depressed? Or are you finding yourself in a state of stress and depression? Well, as you reread this question, you’ll probably realize that you resonate with the latter, not the former. That’s mainly because you are not what your ‘state’ or ‘behaviour’ is, you are simply and plainly ‘you’.

This is the reason why it is important for you to understand that, whatever you feed to your subconscious mind through your thoughts and language is extremely important. After all, what you affirm after ‘I am’ determines your destiny.

If you keep saying – ‘I am depressed’, ‘I am sad’, ‘I am stressed’, ‘I am suffering from anxiety’, your subconscious mind will literally adopt all of the traits and behaviors you affirm to be.

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So, if you want to change your life, get away from the depression symptoms, stop trying to change who you are. Instead, put all your FOCUS on the traits and behaviours that you would like to have or change within yourself.

So, if you have the habit of getting angry, stressed, depressed or if you are procrastinating, just accept that it is not YOU who is acting as a anger machine, stressful or a depressed soul but your habit which is doing all the damage.

The problem is not in ‘you’ but in your habit and behaviour. And if you do not change your habit and behaviour, your habits will sabotage you completely.

Isn’t that disempowering? This is the reason why in order to come out, you need to first morph the way you think and speak, starting from affirming thoughts and sentences that are healthy and positive. So instead of saying ‘I am depressed’, ‘I am sad’, ‘I am stressed’, start affirming ‘I am amazing’, ‘I am enough’, ‘I am confident’, ‘I love myself and I can achieve everything that I want to…’

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By self acceptance, you can put your focus right on the cause of the problem. The cause is not you, but your behavior that is no longer serving you. Once you reach that state, you can then empower yourself to make life changes without ever feeling depressed. Nevertheless, the worst way to motivate yourself towards change, is to feel bad about yourself. That simply never works!

Use power of positivity, shift your focus, empower your thoughts and uplift yourself into a version which you want to become. From that position, you can make whatever changes you desire and then morph yourself accordingly into the version you are looking forward to. Once you reach at that position and state of mind, everything becomes simple and easy.

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Join The Tribe, Seek Advice

Remember, you are not alone. There are many people who got trapped into this web of depression and came out strong, feeling more empowered and positive. I know it is very difficult to speak up within your immediate circle. This is the reason, why online facebook groups can be a huge blessing in disguise.

From empowerment, spiritual, to Law of Attraction, Empath and manifestation groups, you can join the caravan, unleash your inner feelings, open up with people who have right advice for you and/or learn from people through their experiences and life story.

After all, depression is a mental block which is nothing but your own creation. However, talking to new people especially those who understand your condition, can help you get out of the pit soon.

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The choice is yours, and you do have the choice to change the trajectory of your life. You can choose yourself. You can choose what matters to you the most. You can choose the impact you want to have on the world around you. Life, after all is filled with so many choices and you can always make another choice.

Always remember, you are never stuck, there are alternatives, solutions and you at any given time have your right to choose happiness. You don’t have to do things that no longer make you happy. You don’t have to do things just to please others. You don’t have to follow someone else’s dream. And you certainly don’t have to listen to others doubts, fears, and worries.

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At any situation, at any circumstances, and at any given point, you can design your own life simply by the choices that you make on a day-to-day basis.

Now isn’t it beautiful to have that power?

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