How to use Your Subconscious Mind to Gain Wealth and Grow Rich?

We have grown up by believing in the story that the only way you can become wealthy is by the sweat of your hard labor. Well, that’s what our parents, teachers, neighbors and society taught us. However, much to our belief and dismay we saw people making great amount of money even though they worked only for a few hours a week. They didn’t strive or slave hard.

Yes because if hard work was the key to success, the laborers would have been the wealthiest. After all, they sweat out the most. But they are not, primarily because they have no ambition and creative ideas. Secondly, they are not interested in the power of their subconscious mind.

Subconscious Mind Is Your Invisible Means of Support to Grow Rich & Wealthy

Most of us seem helpless when our business fails, when we lose our investment or when we lose our jobs. We feel scared and insecure. The reason for such an insecurity is that we often do not know how to tap our subconscious which is acquainted with the inexhaustible power within.

With a poverty mindset we further find ourselves struck in the conditions of poverty. And with this state of mind, we start blaming the God, the source, the universe for our condition. We often have made statements how god is making the poor, poorer and the rich, richer.

However, what we fail to analyze is the simple thing that, poverty and abundance is in our own hands. The person who is wealthy is someone who has created his own reality by filling his mind with the ideas of wealth. And, he is no exception. We too can be like him if we have similar mindset or make our mind to function in a similar fashion. After all, our words have the power to change our mind if we instil right ideas in it by replacing the wrong ones.

Wealth, after all is nothing but a subconscious conviction. You can easily grow into wealth consciousness if you inculcate the seed of wealth and abundance into your mental space.

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How Do You Build A Wealth Consciousness Mind?

Your subconscious is never short of ideas. Within it, there are infinite ideas and plans which are always ready to flow into your conscious mind to bring a constant flow of money in your pocket. So even if the market is going up or down, inflation is hitting all over, you’ll always be surrounded by money if you convince your subconscious mind.

Whatever you feed in your subconscious mind, you’ll receive it, whether it is good or bad for you. So if you want to build a wealth consciousness mind you need to feed it with thoughts and feelings of wealth. After all, the feeling of wealth produces wealth. So anchor your mind with words, and thoughts that are in alignment with money energy. Visualize how it feels to be wealthy. Always ensure that your desire and your imagination is in alignment. If you want to be rich but you can’t imagine yourself rich or cannot believe it, you’ll never be rich.

Both your conscious and subconscious mind should agree with your words, thoughts and visualization as your subconscious will only accept things that you think are true. If you have doubts, fear and stress over it, it is unlikely to manifest. This is the reason why wealth should be your dominant command to your subconscious and not poverty.

You can use affirmations but keep in mind that affirmations succeed only when it is straight to the point and is independent of any doubt or mental conflict. Use statements that claims abundance and not scarcity. When you affirm you should feel good about it. You shouldn’t feel that you are lying to yourself.

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Appreciate People, Things and Habits Who Already Have What You Desire

There are many people who want to be rich and successful, but they often struggle hard to make their ends. Have you noticed their conversation? Well these people often condemn people who are successful in their life. This is the main reason of their depravity. Well, they are constantly condemning the thing they claim to desire.

If you want to become rich and famous, entertaining envious thoughts can turn fatal. In fact, condemning somebody who already have what you want (money, success, wealth etc) is like putting a mental block to the flow of that desire even if you know the person is earning by wrong means.

Instead, if you get such thoughts you should neutralize the negative emotions. Don’t criticize him, it will only create mental blocks. Quickly neutralize the negative feeling by thinking good about those good businessmen who are known for their wealth and ethics. If you want to be wealthy, you have to have, good thoughts and good feelings about both, wealth as well as wealthy people.

Also, if you want to attract money and grow rich, don’t utter things like money is the cause of all evils. On the contrary, you should be bold enough to claim that it is your right to become wealthy and rich. Your subconscious will honour it and take your command instantly.

Sleep and Grow Rich

You can feed your subconscious mind as you go to sleep at night by practising the repetition technique. You can repeat the word ‘Wealth’, ‘Prosperity’, ‘Success’ over and over again or imprint a drawing or a symbol that represents wealth, prosperity and success. Your subconscious will take your command and you’ll see how opportunities, money, cheques, paying projects flow to you in avalanches of abundance.

Yes, the block to abundance and wealth is only in your own mind. Feed your subconscious with right elements, trust your thoughts and imagination, and you’ll indeed get the results.

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