Suryaputra Karn : From Sutputra to Angaraj Karna!

Aham Sharma Suryaputra Karn
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This post is written  by one of our regular readers Meenakshi S Rao

In the Indian Mythology of Mahabharat, the   Pandavas   and   Kauravas   learnt   the   practice    of    arms   first    from   Kripcharya and   later   from   Drona.

When their education was completed, a   day   was   fixed to   show   the   proficiency   of   the Pandavas and Kauravas in   the presence of the royal family. Even the masses were invited to witness   the massive competition. There    was   a   large enthusiastic    crowd.

Aham Sharma Suryaputra Karn

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When the Suryaputra Karn as a Sutputra Entered the Tournament

Arjun, as   usual with full   of   pride and honour,  displayed   his super human   skills  by the virtue of his weapons. This made the Kauravas angry. Duryodhana   started   fuming and his  hatred   for   Pandavas increased three folds. However, at the end of the day, there    came   suddenly    from   the   entrance   of   the   arena,   a   sound     as   if   something   was   falling   from   the   skies,  which   made    the   crowd  stunned    to    be   in  wonder    and   admiration.

He    made   an    entry looking   humbly    round   him,    cast   a   salute   to   Drona   and  Kripacharya   and   walked   towards   Arjuna. This   personality was none other than  Suryaputra   Karn,  a   humble     personality   of  Mahabharat     standing   with   his   head   held   high   before  the   mighty   Pandavas

Suryaputra Karn, the Warrior Who Could Challenge Arjuna!

Karna   moved    heaven   and   earth   as   he   entered    the   pavilion.  Karna   addressed   Arjuna  in   a   voice   as   if   he  is   least    bothered,  “I   shall    show   greater    skills   than   you   have shown”, he said. With   Drona’s    permission   Karna   showed   all   the  feats   in   a   nut shell.   Duryodhana ,   very   well   pleased   threw    his   arms   around   Karna  said, “Welcome, O, thou  with    mighty   arms, God   has   sent   you  here   and   on  behalf   of   all   the   Kauravas,  I      bow   on   you  .My   prosperity   lies   in   you.”

Arjuna,   by   giving    a    scanty   look   at   Karna,  said  “Be    ready   to   go   to   hell  appointed   for   those   who   intrude  uninvited.”    Karna    laughed   and   said, “Oh!   Arjuna shoot   arrows   instead    of   words, which   are   the   weapon   of   the   weak.“…….Thus   the   challenge   between   Arjuna     and   Karna    went   on   with   weapons   in   hand.

From Sutputra to Angaraj Karn

When   Kunti   saw   this   she   fainted   as   she   was   the   only   one   who   knew   Karna’s   identity. Here,    when  the  question   was   raised  on   Karna’s   identity, Karna    bent   his   head   down. Seeing   his   plight,   Duryodana  came   forward   and   crowned   Karna   as   the  King   of   Anga  and   so   Karna    was   thus   called   Angaraj. Here, the   insults    Suryaputra Karn    had    to   bear   by  the    harsh   words   of   Bhima   made  Duryodana   take   Karna’s   side   and   take   him   to  Anga.

The Daanveer Karna

Karna   was   called   Dhanashura    because   he   gave   away   his   earings   and  armour   to   a  brahman  as   dhana. That    brahmana was   Lord  Indra   who   came   to   test   Karna’s   sincerity. Pleased with   this   Indra gave   him   a   weapon  Sakti  which    possessed   the   power   to   kill   the   enemies.

Telling   a   lie  that   he   was   a   brahmana  and   becoming   a  student   of    Parashuram,    after  he   learnt   the   art    of   using   Brahmastra, made Parashuram   curse   him,   that    Karna    would   not   be   able   to recall   the  use    of    this Brahmastra .

Suryaputra Karn    was   a   loyal   friend   of   Duryodana   and   remained   faithful    till   he   died. He   was killed   by   his   own   brother   Arjuna .

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