5 Reasons Why Swara Rocks in Swaragini!

Swara Swaragini Helly Shah

Swara (Helly Shah), the protagonist of Swaragini is loved by all. No wonder, though she is very good she knows how to give goosebumps to the antagonist and her foes.

Here we share reasons why we love her so much and why she simply rocks in the serial Swaragini.

Swara Swaragini Helly Shah

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Swara is a Confident Girl

No matter what the situation is, she never gets afraid. In fact, it is her self-confidence that gets her through, from all the problems. When almost all the people lose hope, she sails throughout just because of her self-assurance. She is so confident that even other people trust her. Well, I’m not talking about biased people but if you see Durga Prasad in the serial is very neutral and have always showed full faith in her.

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She is a Basher not a Cry Baby

Despite being a victim, she has never played the victim card. On the other hand, her sister Ragini always plays the victim card though in reality she is the master gamer. Instead of crying, Swara without wasting her time tries to get to the bottom of the problem. Being a fighter, she ensures that she stays in her fight and bashes all the evil people. Still, she will ensure she uses only ethical methods unlike Ragini.

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She Can Turn Her Foes into Friends

Sanskar didn’t like her at all. He did all sort of things to harm her. However, her behavior, modesty and humble nature not only changed Sanskar but also altered his thinking. He is a changed man now. Interestingly, Swara didn’t even do anything and Sanskar turned her friend from foe. And now the same cycle is being repeated with Sanskar’s mom Sujata. Sujata who hated Swara now realized what a gem of a person she is after Ragini, the evil minded stooped so low that he accused Sanskar of molesting her.

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Swaragini : Swara Fights For Other People’s Rights

Surprisingly, everybody believed Ragini when she blamed Sanskar except Swara. This is the quality of Swara if she knows the person she can go to any extent to fight for him/her. This is the reason inspite of all the accusations from Laksh, her father Shehkar, she took a night’s permission from Durga Prasad to prove Sanskar innocent. No wonder, she proves him innocent too! This is not the first time she is doing this, she did it for Laksh too in the past.

While Ragini has Turned Selfish, Swara Still Thinks about Other People’s Happiness

For Swara, her Maa-Baba is everything. This is the reason though Ragini became the reason of their separation; she vowed to bring them together once again. In front of their sorrow, she didn’t even think about herself and even took a major risk – marrying Sanskar so that she can expose Ragini so that her Maa-Baba’s misunderstandings are cleared forever and they remain happy as they were in the past.

Interestingly, she even went thrice to Ragini and asked her to accept her fault. Only when Ragini showed her the door, Swara took such a drastic method.

Though Swara is a fictional girl, she is a role model to several young girls – She is modern, educated, high-spirited yet traditional and values relationships more than the so called girls who look simple from outside but have evil minds like Ragini!

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