Swaragini: Swara to Expose Ragini in front of Laksh and Family!

Swara Laksh Helly Shah Namish Taneja

In Swaragini, Ragini is having a gala time after cheating almost everybody including her father who loves and trusts her so much.

She stooped so down that she even planned her own kidnapping so that she could put the blame on Sanskar and Swara. She knew this incident would never make her Maa-Baba unite and further spoil relations between Laksh and Swara.

Swara Laksh Helly Shah Namish Taneja

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Ragini got what she wanted as both Swara and Sanskar were asked to leave the house soon after Ragini created this drama and trapped even the Maheshwaris into it. However, being adamant both Swara and Sanskar made a tent outside their own home and have started staying in the lawn.

Ragini who was finally relaxed that Swara and Sanskar will be out of the Maheshwari house is now tensed and is making plans to bring all the Maheshwari family members by her side.

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Swara is All Set to Trick Ragini by her own Plan In Swaragini

Swara who has warned Ragini that truth will prevail soon is now even more attentive because she knows that her sister Ragini can go to any extent. She knows that Ragini has gone insane and can see nothing beyond her obsession for Laksh.

She will therefore enact the same sequence once again where she will trick Ragini by the same method that she used on Swara – Yes, the drug that hallucinated Swara, and the drug that helped Ragini in making the video of Swara will now help Swara in exposing Ragini. The mastermind of this plan Miss Ragini will herself reveal her truth accidently in front of Laksh and the Maheshwaris.

Looks like finally Swara will have her ache din in Swaragini. Will it be easy? Well, not before some drama in the serial.

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