Swaragini : Reasons Why Everybody is Being Emotional Fool to Believe Ragini’s Memory Loss

Swaragini - Swara Ragini

An electric current and Ragini loses memory in Swaragini. Funny part is that she only loses only that particular time which is supposed to be her worst phase. However, there are certain loopholes in her memory loss which the Maheshwaris and the Garodia family cannot see at all.

Here we share few things which prove how foolish all the characters are to believe Ragini and her non sense..

Swaragini - Swara Raginitv

According to Ragini, yesterday was Swara and Sanskar’s wedding

Ok, if yesterday was Swara and Sanskar’s marriage then how come she forgot the 25 slaps she got on her face from her mother? She is behaving all normally with Sharmishtha. This shows that she is acting. However, everybody seem to be believing her acting including Sanskar, Swara and even Sharmishtha.

She Didn’t Even Ask How Shekhar Is Being So Nice to Sharmishtha, Swara and Even Sanskar?

On the marriage day of Swara and Sanskar, her father Shekhar hated her mother Sharmishtha and even her sister Swara. Then how come she is behaving normal after seeing them together. Logically, she should be asking about the patch up – Don’t you think so?

Ragini Should Have Been In a State of Shock to See Her Daadi in a Bengali Saree

Ok, if Ragini is really suffering from partial amnesia then why isn’t she shocked to see her daadi in a Bengali saree? After all, during that phase her daadi hated Sharmishta, Swara, and even her naani and in such a state how come she is wearing a Bengali saree? Logically, Ragini should be shocked that her daadi is wearing a Bengali saree but she seem to be surprised and amazed.

Don’t you think so except Sujata and Durgaprasad almost all end up being an emotional fool in Swaragini? Can’t they apply logic? Or are the writers fooling the audience by such an insane plot?

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