Syrian Crisis needs Indian Intervention and Support

By shamsnn (Flickr: Syrian Demonstration 30) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Syrian crisis is probably regarded as the worst and pathetic crisis of 21st century. As of now many civilians have been killed and the whole world is now suffering from an acute problem called rehabilitation of such huge numbers of war refugees.

The crisis just started with a small protest by the oppositions and citizens of Syria in the year 2011.

By shamsnn (Flickr: Syrian Demonstration 30) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By shamsnn (Flickr: Syrian Demonstration 30) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Syrian Cris: The After Effects

It became an international war after the ISIS played a tricky role. These terrorists used some chemical weapons against the civilians and the government was blamed thereafter. Now it’s almost a kind of third world war situation because both Russia and the USA are playing opposite roles in this international political crux.

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If this kind of situation persists then no doubt there will be another world war because Russia is in favor of the Syrian Doctor President and America wants to dethrone him.

Since India is almost a superpower after these two great nations of the modern world, in my opinion, it can play a vital role in pacifying the situation since both the nations are now heavily dependent upon our country in terms of socio-economic growth.

Most refugees are escaping to Jordan, Lebanon, and even Europe. Due to the lack of clean water and their lives have become hells. They have lost almost many things in their lives due to this never ending war. It is again a fight against terrorism and India never supports the same. It will be a kind of humanitarian approach and would be another geo-political diplomacy.

It’s thus an urge and necessity we should send maximum support and mercy corps and other international NGOs for this rescue operation. But in this process, we need to be too careful because it’s something where our old and new friends are involved and India need to play a twin balancing role.

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Moreover, India has to be a brand advocate as well as tactful lawyer. Every year due to the conflict there is an exponential growth in refugees. It might be more than 4.8millions by the end of 2016. Oh my Indians, please help thy neighbors.



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