6 Causes of Tooth Sensitivity You Probably Didn’t Know

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Do you wince when you brush your teeth or freak out in pain while slurping summer foods such as ice cream, lemonade, yogurt and frozen margaritas? Well you are suffering from what is commonly known as Tooth Sensitivity.

Here we share six causes of Tooth Sensitivity – The reason why you are suffering from this mouth malaise:


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Brushing Your Teeth with Too Much Pressure

If you brush your teeth with gusto or apply too much pressure, your teeth become vulnerable and can cause dental pain. What’s more, over a period of time the protective layers of your teeth tears and develops microscopic cracks which oozes through and reaches the dental nerves. When this area is exposed to sticky, hot, cold or acidic food it leads to dental pain and tooth sensitivity.

Using Tooth Whitening Toothpaste

Many of the toothpaste manufacturing companies add tooth whitening chemicals in the toothpaste along with other key ingredients. While, some people can bear this formula, many people are sensitive to such tooth whitening chemicals. It is rather safe to switch toothpaste if you think your toothpaste has such elements. 

Using Mouthwash Frequently

Just like whitening toothpaste there are some OTC rinses and mouthwashes that contain chemicals and alcohol that can make your teeth sensitive and cause dental problems. The problem can further rise if the dentin is exposed. However, using proper toothpaste can solve this problem. This is the reason why people prefer toothpaste meant for tooth sensitivity rather than mouthwashes and rinses.

Grinding Your Teeth Frequently

If you are a tooth grinder and grind your teeth frequently, you can actually tear down the enamel – even if is the most robust element in your body. Grinding your teeth can expose the middle layer of your teeth termed “dentin” that contains hollow tubes which can further lead to your dental nerves.

Eating Acidic Foods

If the paths to the dental nerves are exposed then the acidic foods such as lemons, pickles, tomato sauce and ketchups can cause agony. In such circumstances, if you are suffering from tooth sensitivity eating acidic foods can further create more problems.

You are Suffering from Gum Disease

Gingivitis commonly known as Gum disease leads to sore gum and inflamed tissue. If it is left untreated, gingivitis can further create problems as it can lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a gum disease which can damages the bones and tooth that supports the tooth. One such symptom of periodontitis is subtle teeth, as the ebbing gums can leave the dentine exposed.

However, you do not have to put up by this pain or agony because Teeth sensitivity is treatable. The easiest way is to switch your toothpaste and start using toothpaste that is specifically made for sensitive teeth.

Take Care!

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