Reasons Why University Romance Rarely Works?

A University is a hotbed of several types of relationships – from casual flings to awkward one night stands and even “Friends with Benefits” dealings and associations.

Everybody here in the campus comes to spend time and then move on to the next chapter of their life. A temporary yet important phase of one’s life, it is a place where people come to build their base of their career though they also face diversions in the form of romance and physical intimacy. No wonder, they end up dating several people and eventually end up facing a void in their life.


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Here are few reasons why University Romance Rarely Works

University Romance Disaster: Because You Start Dating a Person Merely Because of “Attraction”

You enter the University campus, you see a person and you are attracted to him/her physically. The person in question might respond positively as he/she too might find you attractive. However, post initial phase of all those lovey dovey dating, things won’t be smooth because “attraction” is not the only thing in a relationship. Post one, two or three months, you’ll realize that the girl/boy you are dating is not at all of your type. He/she is not at all compatible. Worst, you’ll sense that either you are too alike that you cannot repel or you are too opposite that you’ll eventually burst.

Though you might not accept the truth of your relationship in the start, it will sooner or later implode – making you realize your mistake. No, it won’t have happy memories to cherish but a chapter you would not even want to remember or talk about it with your friends. These so called relationships are nothing but an illusion of “being in love” you are not exactly in love in this case.

University Romance and Flings are Temporary

You’ll be on the college campus either for 2 years, 3 years or 4 years based on your course. You know post the completion of your course you won’t see the person again. This constant reminder of a temporary relationship will not want you to commit. In addition, you are not even sure that the person in question deserves your commitment even if he/she acts to be. There are many people who regret spending time over such person.

This is the reason why people who make friends on the University campus instead of relationships often end up having more fun.

Most University Relationships are Rebound

In a University campus, proposing and breaking up is a common phenomenon. This is the reason why rebound relationships are most common here. Two people meet, date and end their relation in merely 3 months, saddened they find solace in another friend who too might have the heartbreak bruise. Voila, the new cycle begins and then continues.

However, rebound relationships never work and in the end, the person realizes what a fool he had been as none of the girl was even close to him. However, by the time he realizes, it is already too late as he has a report card with bad grades in it. This is the time when he is reminded of his best friend who always warned him to stay away from these temporary flings.

You Date for the Heck of Dating

Only because you don’t want to be left out of the rat race, you start dating a guy/girl. Now that your intention is merely passing time or showoff, you know your so called mojo of dating will eventually die until you meet a person who changes your thinking, however, this  person will definitely not belong from the university campus.

Because University Romance Is All About Trying to Find Love All The Time

If you think the girl you met, dated or are currently dating in your university campus is your “true love” then it is your myth. She isn’t your true love or the perfect lover you dreamt about. After all, university is not the place to find or to get true love.

Besides, always remember that you don’t find love, it is love that finds you. However, in a University campus it is always the opposite as people simply force themselves to fall themselves in love ultimately not falling in love but failing in the process. This, is the reason why university romance tends to doom mostly.

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