This Is How You Can Locate A Lost Cell Phone

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These days almost everyone loves to carry look-good-feel happy cell phones. But if your mobile phones are lost, you might be unhappyNo need to go to the nearby police stationYou can just track your lost cell phones by applying the following techniques.


Let’s see how you can locate a lost cell phone. You can get back your favorite mobile phones, it’s quite easy.

Every mobile device is having an International Mobile Equipement Identity (IMEI) Number through which it can be traced out.

  1. Dial *#06# from your mobile phone to get this 15 digits number called IMEI.
  2. Copy this number so that you can use if required.The number is of great use in case of theft and loss in transit.This number can track your lost cell phones anywhere in the globe.
  3. Then just e-mail the following information to get back your cell phone within next 24 hours.

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The mailing address is It requires the following data:

  • Your Name..
  • Model Number…
  • Name of Manufacturer..
  • Last Dialed Number..
  • Place where it is lost..
  • Day and date when lost..
  • IMEI number..

Mail on the id and necessary steps will be taken to track your lost phones.

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