7 Reasons Why TV Viewers are Loving Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Serial on Star Plus

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The new serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh is slowly picking up as one of the favorites of TV viewers. The show with an interesting story, captivating plot and equally thought-provoking thrill have had a great start, so much that everybody seems to be talking about the scenes and plots.

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Here are some of the reasons why the serial is a must watch:

For its Brilliant Star Cast

Whether it’s the central characters or the supporting ones, every player in the serial is doing a fantastic job. This is the reason why the audience is hooked to the show whether the scene is between the Pathaks and Anami, Satrupa and Anami, Anami and Adhiraj, Poonam and Anami or between Satrupa and the main antagonist Pujan. Each of the characters is tailor made and the actors playing the role are giving full justice to their part.

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For the Captivating Plot

The line Laal Mahal mai jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi, aur jaisa hota hai who dikhta nahi goes well for the serial too. Unlike other serials, you cannot predict the plot and this is what makes the serial even more interesting. For a change, it is good to see that the writers are using original plots and sequences where the audience watch happily without questioning the plot. Sensible and interesting plots in any serial is always a welcome change.

The Dialogues and the One Liners

Almost all the characters in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh serial speaks exclusive language that further adds to the USP of the show. From Anami and Satrupa’s ‘Jo bhi karte hain danke ki choth pe karte hain, to Poonam’s ‘hum sorry se shuru karenge..’ and the common dialogue Laal Mahal mai jo dikhta hai woh hota nahi, aur jaisa hota hai who dikhta nahi further increases the entertainment quotient of the drama. Besides, the one liners used by the characters – Anami, Adhiraj, Madhoo Pathak, Satrupa, Gayatri, Pujan, Ira, Laddoo further makes the serial much more fun.

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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Has Its Own Angle of Mystery

Viewers are in love with mystery more than suspense which makes them hooked to the show just like novels. We have been loving the mysterious angle of Narottam (Akash Gill). A lot of people are questioning whether he is a grey character or is a victim of circumstances. The character of Sudha (Sangeeta Ghosh) is yet another mystery. We hope the serial continues to show mysterious angle as it moves forward without going pale or monotonous.

The Love-Hate Chemistry between the Characters

None of the relationships in Laal Mahan is unconditional. Everybody is linked to each other for their own selfish reasons. Besides, none knows the reality of the other. While Gayatri and Vikramaditya think Satrupa is conning them by using Anami, Satrupa thinks she wrongly accused Pujan by listening to Narottam. In addition, despite showing hate, the positive characters care for each other provided the other person has no clue about it.

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The Set, The Story, The Script

For a change, it is interesting to see the real politics in a family rather than kitchen politics. Here the politics is not about a saas-bahu where the nanad is a villain but a real politics where everybody is in its race to take the hold of Royal Steel. Besides, the majestic set of Lal Mahal, the Banaras connection along with a lot of mysteries in between is what makes the serial an entertainer.

And a potential love story of course….

Whether it is a family drama, thriller, suspense or mystery, none of the show is complete without a love story booming inside it and Rishton Ka Chakravyuh is no exception. Good thing is, here we will see an unconventional love story. While the heroine Anami is a teenager, her hero Adhiraj is a well-matured CBI guy. Gives us something different than the usual stuff.

Do you agree with our points? What are your reasons to like the show?

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