Active Listening: Cannot Just Afford to be Mr. Reserved Always!

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It takes a great man to be a good listener -Calvin Coolidge

Success is never sure shot but at least we need to try for it. Active listening has become an apparatus to success. I am always inspired by authors. I love my job as a Professor because it has given me an opportunity interact with people and places, each one having their own ideologies and stances.

So the article is not a story. It’s inspired from 3 Idiots hilarious but embarrassing moments of speech by Chatur, the comedian villain who became the center point of attraction in the movie. He was actually lacking in analytical skills because he never wanted to hear. These days something is lacking amongst the freshers – Active listening or listening to your mentors.


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Active Listening Tips: Every great leader was a follower first

So listening to someone’s advices can bring you luck and money and overall a true happiness in your work-life. But you need to identify who is the right person to act as your Godfather. Just be Mr. Active Listener and see how the world becomes your den. There is nothing to write more on these skills. The article is just a very very old wine in a new improvised bottle. It goes like…

Hearing is physiological mechanism that involves reception of noise waves by ears but listening is hearing plus analyzing, including other signals so that you can understand the gist of the discussion. In modern day format we need to be quite proactive while attending a meeting, conferences, seminars or day to day sales talk because everyone here is working in a cross –cultural system where active listening plays a vital role for decision making or implementation of any task. In this article, we would understand the growing importance of this buzzword.

The sub-categories of listening are as follows

What to avoid?

  • Physical distracters
  • Mental distracters
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Being unprepared
  • Day dreaming

Tips to enhance listening skills?

  • Knowing the solution.
  • Trying to help others.
  • Treating discussion as a healthy competition.
  • Trying to create an impact while speaking.
  • Reacting to red flag words.
  • Believing in language power.
  • Over-splitting or over-lumping to be avoided.

Merits of a Good Listener:

  • Improves communication skills.
  • Reflects that you are too caring.
  • Reflects respect for the customer.

In the end, I would like to conclude that we need master 3Cs-Conviction, Confusion, and Corruption. So first listen and obey, then command.

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