Personality Development: What Zombies can teach you about personality?

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I have met many confused people who cannot make any concrete decision. So I am writing an article for these zombies to show them a path of light & ray of new hope. Let the corporate get good personalities and Indian education some serious professionals. Let India fight back to eradicate weak spots. We are going to give you a more clear understanding on personality development.

Personality is made up the inherent patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. And to improve personality an attempt has been made to discuss several factors so that any important career decisions can be facilitated & you can follow your true dreams.


(Personality is the entire mental organization of a person at any stage of his development. It embraces every phase of human character: intellect, temperament, skill, morality, and every attitude that has been built up in the course of one’s life.” -Warren & Carmichael).

Self-motivation is the motivation behind your reactions and actions. It is an essential process that will help you to reach your destiny, without external inspiration.

It is quite important to make real goals. They should not be extraordinary and never to reach. Firstly, discover your potential, your strengths and also your areas of development; only then, set your ambitions. Your attitude is your biggest property. Positive thinking is highly crucial as your thought, speech and attitude will influence your blueprints and implementations. Do not let negative thoughts or people influence you.

It takes a lot of effort to start the planned recipe of action. It is observed that most professionals have their plans ready, but they find it extremely difficult to make a start. You must at least take a single step to resume your task.

Steadiness and regularity are the names of the game. It is possible that you may get distracted or tired, after the initial frenzy is over. But, you have to get motivated by your own and be focused. Delaying your day’s work will linger your time in achieving your hallmark. Avoid being a lazy lad.  Procrastination is an enemy in your progress…..

If you look good, then you feel & do well too. So it is a must to maintain “Occupational Health, Hygiene and Safety at Workplace”. Few things are illustrated below for personality development:

Health Tips:

  • Health is the measure of our physical body’s proficiency and overall fitness.
  • The health triangle is divided into: Physical, Social, and Mental Health.

A good health enables you –

  • To be more smart & confident.
  • To overcome all pressure giving situations in work areas.
  • To have a positive philosophy towards life.
  • To reduce joint pains, body aches or other diseases.
  • To have a better control over your body, mind, and soul.

Tips for Healthy Body, Mind & Soul:

  • Exercise is the game of utilizing your muscles to stay healthy.
  • Proper balanced diet is essential in leading a healthy life.
  • It is advised that the average human being gets at least 8 hours of sleep.
  • Alcohol and other drugs damage with the brain and alter perception.
  • Mental health deals with how we think, feel and cope with lifestyle.
  • Learning is the essential development of skills, behaviors, and knowledge.
  • It is important to learn healthy paths to deal with distress or you could be at risk for anxiety or depression. Social Health deals with the way of living, the way we react with people within our sphere.

Hygiene Tips

Hygiene and Good Habits commonly go together. In a broader sense, hygiene is the maintenance of health and healthy living.

  • The main reason for personal hygiene is to stop illness, infections and improve body appearance.
  • Personal hygiene also helps to enhance self-esteem, confidence, motivation and social relationship.
  • People who maintain personal hygiene are normally happy throughout their life.
  • Clothes should neat and trendy.
  • Underclothes are right next to your skin and collect dead skin cells, sweat and possibly other unmentionable stains. Wash them regularly.
  • Overnight bacteria start to work on these stains so your clothes do not smell as nice on the second day of wearing. Don’t repeat.
  • Change your clothes after shower; you don’t want to put dirty clothes onto a clean body.
  • Safety

The word safety refers to your joyful freedom from danger, injury and damage, and to your personal safety and security.

What are the safety rules?

  • Follow safety manual
  • Wash your palms like a doc.
  • Wear PPE-Personal Protective Equipment & stay protected at job
  • Keeping the work area safe & clean.
  • Short term but quick removal of staff & customers from building or disaster (or threatened) area as a rescue or precautionary measure.

Personality Development Tips:

  • Be a good active listener
  • Read more and expand your IQ
  • Have a different Opinion
  • Be a sexy conversationalist
  • Be yourself
  • Meet New People who are successful
  • Have a positive outlook and attitude
  • Be fun and see the humorous aspect of life
  • Enhance your networking skills
  • Be an active social media lover
  • Enhance your professional network.

(“Without having a dream, you cannot achieve anything. You must have observed how obsessed great men are with their dreams- Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.’’)

In the end, best of luck!

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