5 Shocking Conspiracy Theories of the Mauryan Empire!

Mauryan Empire

Conspiracy theories often create a lot of excitement, thrill and confusion. After all, nobody knows whether they are real, bogus or just a figment of somebody’s imagination. It becomes all the more intriguing when it revolves around history. Talking about history, here we bring you about conspiracy theories revolving around Mauryan Empire

Here we share five such conspiracy theories of the Mauryan Empire:

Chandragupta Maurya was the Son of a King, “Suryagupta”

It is well known that Chandragupta was a normal kid whom Chanakya met in a jungle. Watching him closely he decided to train him so that together they could take revenge from Dhana Nanda. However, there is another story that narrates that Chandragupta Maurya was the son of a king of Piplivan. His father’s name was Suryagupta Maurya and he died around the same time when Chandragupta was born.

Ashoka’s Mother and Bindusar’s Wife Dharma Was a Descendant of Sakyamuni Buddha

It is widely known that Ashoka’s mother Subhadrangi was the daughter of a Brahmin. She was neither from a royal background nor had connection from a reputed family. However, there are theories that Subhadrangi, the wife of Bindusar and mother of Ashoka that she was a descendant of Sakyamuni Buddha.

Durdhara was the daughter of Dhana Nanda

Interestingly, it is also believed that Chandragupta Maurya’s wife Durdhara was the daughter of the last king of the Nanda dynasty whom Chandragupta had killed to capture the Magadh throne. The theory reveals that Chandragupta married Dhana Nanda’s daughter after taking over the throne from him. Historical texts and documents reveal that Durdhara was Chandragupta Maurya’s uncle’s daughter.

Helena Was the Reason Why Chandragupta Maurya fought with the Greeks

Chandragupt Maurya had vowed to unite several nation states to build a united India. It was his and Chanakya’s dream which had no place for outsiders. However, back then the Greeks had invaded small portion of northern India. This is the reason why Chandragupta Maurya attacked Selecus Nicator and even defeated him.

However, according to the theories, it seems that Chandragupt fell in love with Helena and wanted to marry her. So, Chanakya suggested him that war is the only way if he wants to win Helena. Next, the two armies fought, as expected Chandragupta Maurya won and put his condition to marry Helena.

Kaurwaki was a Kalinga Princess

Ashoka’s wife Kaurwaki is assumed to be Kalinga princess. However, the truth is she was a fisherman’s daughter in Kalinga. Time and again this conspiracy have popped up and historians around the world have maintained that Kaurwaki was just an ordinary girl and not a princess.

These are the conspiracy theories of Mauryan Empire that keeps on revolving time and again. Is there any other theory which you are aware of?

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