Girls Fashion Tips : You Look Gorgeous & Gracious in Skirts, not Pants!

“The body is the shell of the soul, and dress the husk of that shell; but the husk often tells what the kernel is.”- Anonymous

Talk about girls, the Venusians and the very first trait that comes in our mind is “Feminity”. Full of grace and elegance, females are delicate, tender, submissive and are in absolute contrast from the boys, the Martians who are strong, aggressive and dominant. It is this feminity that makes the girls attractive and accentuate their beauty, charm and splendor. Also, it is this feature which is an integral part of the womanhood, making them a godly spirit in front of the opposite sex.


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Girls Fashion Tips : Be Gracious and Take Pride in Your Feminity

While the inner feminity comprises of nature and attitude, the outer consists of the appearance. Really, there is nothing trivial to express one’s feminity through looks. In fact, every girl should take pride in enhancing their beautiful features and what best can describe the beauty than feminine dresses like skirts. Trying masculine or unisex attire like jeans will not at all match your graciousness, let alone your sexuality. Rightly said by men, “Girls look drop dead gorgeous in skirts, not jeans.” Perhaps the Marsians seems to have a good knowledge of their opposite sex. After all they are in love with this being that is so much in contrast with their masculinity.

Doing things in harmony with nature always bring out positive results and perhaps that’s the reason why beauty is much more glorified when we girls wear skirts rather than carrying any frumpy cloth or jeans. Now that doesn’t imply that we, girls cannot be womanly or feminine in jeans or other unisex outfits but definitely not as lovely, pretty and elegant in a skirt or any other purely girly attire.


Image Courtesy: Navin Dhyani via PawsUp Photography

There is always a good amount of influence in embellishing in a feminine, beautiful way. Delicate fabrics, colorful prints and attractive little details in your emergence only adds your femininity significantly. Moreover, dressing in a womanly way and keeping yourself refined amplifies your sense of self-worth. And once you nurture your outer feminine appearance – there should be something significant in your heart and soul to keep up the look – a true feminine spirit! That is the bona fide power of femininity!

Jeans and all unisex clothes have always been in the front position of the argument on a feminine girls fashion. Pants are not that feminine items to wear after all. Out of comfort, if you put on, make sure the chic, cut and color are pretty much feminine. Whenever you try them, confirm the rest of your outfit is toward the girly side.


Image Courtesy: Navin Dhyani via PawsUp Photography

Don’t we always see men craving for beautiful feminine women even if they are termed as “bitch” while they are least bothered about their good tomboy best friend who is not only very friendly but also very compassionate. The basic law of attraction pulls the man towards this feminine female while it withdraws them from a masculine type of female.

Fashion Tips For Girls: Don’t fear to accentuate those gracious curves

A girl in a skirt is admired and desired by everyone but while gaining all the attention she should be very well versed with her modesty. Being modest is very important and that is also an essential aspect of every girl. Only if a girl maintains her modesty in the best way she can appear stunning. Yes, you should be “attractive” but not “attracting”. Don’t fear to accentuate those gracious curves by wearing a nice little dress or by revealing your beautiful legs by wearing a skirt, but be modest. Always remember modesty is the key!


Image Courtesy: Navin Dhyani via PawsUp Photography

In addition, you can accessories yourself with a nice high heel shoe, slight make-up or give yourself a feminine touch of lace, beads, belts and satins only to emphasize your prettiness and make you appear more beautiful and gorgeous. This Feminine form will indeed make you more appealing and you will once for all agree with the statement made by men that “Girls look gorgeous in skirts, not pants!”

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