7 Challenging Statements by Hardik Patel That Has Shocked the BJP Government

Hardik Patel Patel Community Gujarat

Hardik Patel, the young blood of the Patel community and the face of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) have been continuously holding rallies both in big and small cities of Gujarat from past two months. The entire Patel community is demanding reservations under the Other Backward (OBC) Caste.

Here’s what 21 year old Hardik Patel said in his rallies that has shocked the Narendra Modi led BJP Government:

If you (the BJP Government) do not give us our rights (OBC inclusion), we will snatch it.”

Warning the Gujarat government in his massive rally Hardik Patel fearlessly stated that if the government does not fulfill their demands of reservation, they know how to get it.

Hardik Patel Reservation Demands

“If you talk about Interest of Patels, you will rule over Patels”

The BJP government in Gujarat has enjoyed unconditional support of the Patel community from decades now. The agitators know that they have an upperhand as the ruling state government will never want to lose the base support of the Patel community because that will make them lose their hold in the state.

“Give Us Quota Otherwise the Lotus Will Never Bloom in Gujarat”

The Patel community originally was Congress supporter. They voted for the Congress but when the party deserted them during their anti-reservation rallies in the 1981, they switched sides and backed the BJP. The result they uprooted Congress completely from Gujarat. It is interesting to note that from the 90s till present the Patel community is the most trusted votebank of the BJP. So, we know why Hardik Patel made such a statement.

We uprooted Congress from Gujarat in 1985, BJP, the 2017 Elections are coming

Warning openly to the BJP government in Gujarat, the 21 year old Hardik Patel reminded the ruling party how their community wiped off the INC completely from their state land. Further stating that, they will nurture the lotus only if their “interests” are taken care of.

Hardik Patel statements against BJP

Image Courtesy: Indian Express via Twitter

“If Supreme Court can open at 3.30am for a Terrorist, then why not for the country’s Youth.”

When CM Anandiben Patel, a member of the same community reminded the agitators that the reservation is not possible given the 50% cap on reservation guidelines, the angry young Indian couldn’t stop himself by stating the above.

“If you do not give rights to the country’s youth who have come on the streets to demand their rights, some will become Naxalites and some will become terrorists.”

After getting huge cheers from the crowd, a confident Hardik Patel next mentioned how things can worsen if any government do not meet the young Indians’ needs.

Hardik Patel Patel Community Gujarat

Image Courtesy: Indian Express via Twitter

“We are apolitical”

He said neither their agitation is backed by Congress, nor are they being sponsored by Aam Aadmi Party. Their protest is completely apolitical.

“Our Elected Representatives at the Centre are not just to amend the Constitution or make law, but to serve our community.”

The agitators are well versed that out of 120, 40 of the winning law-makers in the state of Gujarat belong to the Patel community including its Chief Minister Anandibai Patel. This is the reason why they are constantly putting pressure despite knowing the fact that they are helpless.

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