Amdist Religious Tensions, Team Modi Accidentally Gave Birth to Hindu-Muslim Unity!!!

Before Modi came on the horizon of India riding on his shiny new Cow, I had never bothered much about religions.

Image Credits: American Center Mumbai via Flickr

I wasn’t raised in an overtly religious fashion and I had little or no interest in my own religion, forget the religion of others.

Islam was just another religion and my Muslim friends were just friends whose Mom’s made excellent Biryani, missing an invitation to which was a sin.

Our tailor was just Chacha and even though he wore the skull cap I hadn’t noticed it till they started throwing Gau Mutra in my eyes (not literally Ofcourse)

After Modi arrived in the scene, suddenly religion was being thrown all around me.

He is a Muslim, she is a Muslim. That’s a skull cap. That’s a Hijab. That’s a Burkha. They just have beard no moustache. So on and so forth.

I suddenly realised that some of my best friends from college were not just Sharique or Rais or Altaf but they were actually Muslims.

While Modi settled down in his crowned seat, I started reading up on Islam and Muslims.

The more I read, the more I loved them.

Before Modi I used to like Sharique, Rais and Altaf because they were my friends, now I like them even more. That’s double like.

Somewhere deep down in my heart I am thanking Modi for making me like people even more.

The post on Hindu-Muslim unity was first published by Darshan Mondkar on his facebook timeline

Disclaimer: What? That wasn’t the plan? I was supposed to start hating them? Well Up Yours. Coz your plan failed. Take this Babaji Ka Thullu from me and try harder the next time.

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