Bigg Boss 9: Mia Khalifa Jokes, Memes and Twitter Trolls!

Mia Khalifa Bigg Boss 9 Jokes

The 22 year old Lebanese American adult star Mia Callista aka Mia Khalifa has been approached by Team Bigg Boss so that she can be a part of the upcoming Bigg Boss 9.

Earlier in Season 5, we were introduced to Sunny Leone another Indian born Canadian Adult star who later became quite favorite among the Bollywood film makers. 

So, when the news broke out that Mia Khalifa has been approached for Bigg Boss 9, Indians couldn’t help but troll her on social media.

Here are some of the jokes and memes on Mia that are doing rounds from morning:

It All Started by Taking A Dig At Bigg Boss!

Mia Khalifa Jokes MemesBase Image Source: @miakhalifa

Not Without Getting Into the Mia Khalifa Details

Mia-Khalifa-Funny-Jokes-Memes-TrollsBase Image Source: @miakhalifa

Aha, That Would Be Interesting!

Mia-Khalifa-Trolls-Memes-JokesBase Image Source: @miakhalifa

The Future Bollywood Connection!

Mia Khalifa Memes Trolls & Jokes


Mia Khalifa Jokes & Memes - Bigg Boss 9Base Image Source: @miakhalifa

That’s Quite Possible if Mia Khalifa Enters the Bigg Boss 9 House

Mia Khalifa Bigg Boss 9 Jokes

…And Finally The TRUE STORY!

Mia Khalifa Adult Jokes Base Image Source: @miakhalifa

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