Mob Lynching in India and Its After Effects

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While the PM issues a warning, another person gets killed by the Cow Terrorists. This time the mob lynching took place in Ramgarh, Jharkhand.

Are you serious Mr. PM? Or rather, are you SINCERE in your warnings? I am not sure of your intentions of such warnings, but what I am sure of is – the society which we live in, is getting violent day by day irreversibly.

And all those arm chair intellectuals, who actively or passively (through silence of convenience) support such lynching, let me warn you –

You, in your political sycophancy, are creating a violent society in which it would be difficult for you to breathe.

What do you think? This violence would be restricted to Muslims and Dalits? You are grossly mistaken.

Once a society gets violent, once development is not delivered, once socio-economic disparities widen, once the youth are unable to find employment, (And there are ample reasons to have the above apprehensions), violence, chaos, killings, rapes, lynching etc would be the order of the day. Only the pretext would change. Today it is religion, Tomorrow it would be Caste, Or Regionalism, Or Racism, Or Nationalism.

For a government which is unable to deliver vikaas, would keep the citizens busy with such issues, creating an identity crisis, and banking on it for votes.

The government is theirs,
But the society is yours,
The children who are being brought up in an environment of hate are yours,
The job losses are yours,
The increasing tax burden are yours,
The relations being lost are yours,
The trust being lost is yours,

And the people who would be killed would be yours. Since violence would not be confined to a particular section or other. It would spread. Engulfing it its flames your neighbours, your friends and above all – Your Children.

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