Sacred Games Season 2: Know the Metaphor & Meaning of the Episode Titles

Sacred Games Season 2 is finally streaming on Netflix, and this time again just like Season 1, the writers have given an analogical reference to each of the episode’s titles. Yes, every eight episodes revolving around the world of Gaitonde, Parulkar and Sartaj Singh relates to Indian or Greek mythology metaphorically.

Here we share the meaning of each of the eight-episode titles of Sacred Games Season 2

Sacred Games 2 Episode 1: Matysa

Matysa is one of the ten avatars of the Hindu God Vishnu. In fact, it is the first of all his avatars. This avatar took form during the end of the first Yuga, the Satya Yuga when Lord Brahma, the creator went to sleep.

According to the Hindu mythology after the end of every yuga, Lord Brahma went to sleep. It was in this form Lord Vishnu saved the earthly existence by controlling the flood that was supposed to wash out the world. He not only saved the world but also protected the Vedas so that it could venture into the next yuga.

Analogical Reference: Gaitonde is Matsya whose duties just like the Vishnu Avatar is to save his own world along with the sacred knowledge to get into the next yug or the next stage of his life.

#SacredGames2 Episode 2: Siduri

In the Mesopotamian mythology, Siduri is an intelligent female demigod associated with fermentation and a tavern keeper. It was Siduri, the alewife (women in brewing) who dissuaded the Sumerian King Gilgamesh from his quest to immortality. Siduri discourages him from continuing his dangerous journey to Utnapishtim.  

Connection to the Storyline: Yadav Madam acts as Siduri to Gaitonde where she in a way warns him not to go behind Issa and instead appreciate the very life he is living under the given circumstances. On the other hand, Kalki acts as a Siduri to Sartaj Singh in the asharam to let go off his guilt and shame for his wife as well as Katekar and live in the present.

Sacred Games 2 Episode 3: Apasmara

As per the Hindu mythology, Apasmara or Muyalaka is a dwarf demon that represents epilepsy as well as ignorance. He has a body of an infant but the face of a demon.  Apasmara had a tendency to plague humans who used to pray the Hindu God Shiva.

However, subduing this demon dwarf wasn’t easy because killing him would mean disturbing the balance of ignorance and knowledge which would then mean devaluing knowledge of all forms. In order to suppress Apasmara, Lord Shiva took the form of Nataraj, performed Tandava to keep him crushed right beneath his foot.  

Analogical Reference: Gaitonde is the Apasmara here who despite trying to change his fate gets bested by superior forces including Guruji and Yadav Madam.

Sacred Games Season 2 Episode 4: Bardo

Bardo or antarabhava is a state of existence between two births on earth. According to the Tibetian school of Buddhism it is an intermediate state of transition between death and rebirth.  Metaphorically, bardo is the time when our normal way of life is suspended due to diminishing external constraints. Like for instance, during a meditation retreat or during illness. The time of bardo or antarabhava is the time that proves fruitful for spiritual progress.

Connection with the story: In this entire episode, Gaitonde is in the state of ‘Bardo’. He is in the in-between stage between his first life of rise – fame in Bombay and his much-needed rebirth into his world again. It is in this state that he is progressing spiritually by analysing his past and getting ready for his future, this time more maturely.  At the same time, Sartaj Singh too is in the state of Bardo with respect to his personal life.

#SacredGamesS2 Episode 5: Vikarna

Vikarna is one of the Kauravas, the son of Dhritrashtra – Gandhari and the younger brother of Duryodhan. He was the only person to raise his voice against the entire dice game in Mahabharat. Interestingly, despite being a Kaurava, he protested the mistreatment of his sister in-law-Draupadi and even questioned the elders Dronacharya and Bhishm Pitama.

Vikarna acknowledged that his brother’s action is against dharma but remained loyal to him even though he knew Duryodhan was doomed to failure just like Kumbhkaran of Ramayana. Vikarna was killed in the by Bhima on the 14th day of the Kurukshetra war.

Analogical Reference: There is always a good man in the evil side. Majid Khan is Vikarna to Parulkar, perhaps Sartaj Singh’s father Dilbagh Singh is a Vikarna to Guruji and even the all-knowing Guruji too in a way is a Vikarna to all the evil present in the world, the Kal Yugya.

Sacred Games 2 Episode 6: Azrael

According to Islamic lore, Azrael is the Angel of Death in the third Heaven. Considered as one of the chief angels of destruction, he is said to have 4 faces, 4000 wings. Besides, his entire body consists of eyes and tongues equivalent to the total number of men present in the world. He is soft spoken, patient and kind. His job is to help the dying make peace with the God and return the soul of the dying to the God.  

Analogical Reference: Malcolm and Gaitonde are Guruji’s Azrael in his quest, journey and mission.

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#SacredGames Season 2 Episode 7: Torino

Turin or Torino is a magical city in Italy that hides a lot of secrets and mysteries which makes it a tempting place to visit in Europe. The attractive historical city is considered to be the crossing of the two flows: black and white magic.

On one hand it forms the White Magic Triangle with London and LA on the other hand, it is a part of the Black Magic triangle aka “the devilish triangle” – an intangible terrain where unexplained and mystical things happen. Nobody knows why both these triangles congregate in Torino. However, it is believed that the light and the dark forces oppose each other always which is why the city is endowed with two hearts.

Analogical Reference: Just like Torino, the mysterious city that hides a lot of secrets and mysteries, the world created by Guruji is full of secrecies and is the crossing of the two flows: the black and the white world.

#SacredGamesS2 Episode 8: Radcliffe

Named after Cyril Radcliffe, the Radcliffe Line is the boundary separation line between India and Pakistan both from the Punjab and the Bengal provinces. This separation line was published on 17 August 1947 after the partition of the British India. Currently, the eastern side serves as the India-Bangladesh border and the western side serves as the Indo-Pakistani border.

Analogical Reference: A similar situation of 1947 is created

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It is interesting to see how the writers have connected the Indian and Greek Mythology to narrate the tale of each episodes of #SacredGames season 2 through Gaitonde, Guruji, Sartaj Singh, Parulkar and other main characters.
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