Know How Senior Citizens Can Stay Happy & Busy!

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Old age could be a blessing” – This is the opinion of a positive thinking senior citizen. 

For people, old age all too frequently becomes a source of liability for themselves and others.  An aged person tends to think that he/she is no longer of any use.  Now I am a senior citizen who feels at this age life is meant for enjoying. No tensions, no family problems and staying alone is a bliss. We should learn   to sort things out and feel that prevention is better than cure.

My recent visit to Mumbai (I stayed at Mulund) made me come across one of the “Senior citizens laughing club” of Govardhan Nagar where nearly 30 to 40 senior/middle age citizens, some of them above 65 came.  One of them, the eldest was of 81 years old who has undergone bypass surgery, does yoga and pranayam – truly an inspiration to the youngsters.

These senior citizens some staying alone, their children being permanently settled in other countries need some recreation.  They started this so called “Laughing Club” as a get together club, this was started 13 years back in June at the temple premises hall of Sri Vinayaka Temple, Govardhan Nagar, Mulund (West) Mumbai.


Till today they continue the activities duly here.  A monthly payment of Rs. 50/- paid by the members goes to the temple towards the temple maintenance.  Timings are convenient for women 5.00 to 6.00 in the evening.

A few exercises, pranayam, Yoga, Slokas make them a perfect batch of laughing Club. What else  is  needed for old women to come out and do.


I felt if this is followed in all the areas, will bring about changes in ones mental frame work.  It is very necessary because as you grow older your mind also needs to relax like the body.  Through out life a women being the mother fulfilling all her duties is not an easy task.  A women has to slog from morning till evening taking care of each and everybody in the family catering to their needs without showing any attitudes doing her duties selflessly.


Some points to be noted why it is necessary for senior citizens to continue this activity. 

  • a.  Using spare time in an effective manner possible. 
  • b.  To reduce stress and increase effectiveness.
  • c.  Importance to keep in mind that mental strength is more important than physical strength.
  • d.  Loneliness can only be tackled through proper interaction and relationships.
  • e.  To understand that friendship is one of the best investments we can make.
  • f.  Giving and sharing is a joy full experience that benefits the giver more than the receiver.
  • g.  Stress control is the first step towards a peaceful and harmonious life.
  • h.  To develop confidence in oneself.
  • i.   Not to dwell in the past but live in the present.


Some times we should know how painful it is for the senior citizens to engage in a physical exercise that require them to develop any muscles that are not habitually used.  At first it is painful for them, gradually they learn to persist.  In the long run when they go back home they return with a happy smile on their face.

If at all this is spread to all the areas in other parts of the place it would prove to be a wonderful journey  of  a person.  These women coming from different backgrounds, different languages, different view points, they really enjoy the company of each other and sometimes go for picnics enjoying benefits of nature.

Post and Images by Nationalviews Reader – Meenakshi Rao

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