Surgical Strikes: An Open Letter to Arvind Kejriwal & Co. By a Professor

Cartoon Courtesy: @SatishAcharya via Twitter

Dear Arvind Kejriwal & Co.

I am writing this letter directly to you because it’s high time I should give you certain suggestions for free although there is no free lunch in this planetary world. Since you are man of high academic repute, I have a strong gratitude towards your vision because I feel an academician and/or an administrator is always fit to be in the top management position.

But after going through your recent tweets and speeches, I believe your demand for the video tapes relating to surgical operations by India is totally baseless and it’s something which is not acceptable. You should be little more strategic in your approach.

Cartoon Courtesy: @SatishAcharya via Twitter
Cartoon Courtesy: @SatishAcharya via Twitter

This is not Bollywood and you are not playing Anil S Kapoor in Nayak. This was a secret covert strike by our brave army. Frankly, it’s matter of our national security and we need to be careful because the country has got a different positioning statement in world geography and history.

As a nation, we are too cool. In a democracy, it’s up to the government to give evidence in support of its action. I strongly feel Indian government should not produce any proof because there are many reasons.

Few talking points are illustrated below for Arvind Kejriwal & Co.:

First India has gathered support from nations like US, Russia, Bangladesh, etc. but if all these violence affairs and bloodshed are leaked then the international community may take it otherwise. The whole diplomacy related to foreign affairs may go to vain. We have never supported war – truth and non-violence are the only means through which India has got freedom from British Raj even. 

Secondly, Pakistan, China, and ISIS always connect intelligence information from these open Google sources. A slightest provoke may create counter attacks.

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It’s just a mind game by these brats-Pakistani nationals. They are not praising you. They are using you. Don’t get biased. Think of your own country – forget fan following in Pakistan. If you do well, you get good things in life.

Third, it’s plain request to you fellow Congressmen. It’s quite fascinating that you have rejuvenated your relations with people like Mr. P.Chidambaram. But this is not the time to throw shits to each other. As a nation, we are one.

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Let all the political parties join hands to condemn this bloody terrorism. Let’s be one. At least be respectful to the Indian Army. As per the international guidelines, the Indian army should not cross the LOC too. But we have done it swiftly and nobody is making any chaos on it.That shows we are in global chilling vibes with others diplomatically. Have patience, don’t behave like a stupid crazy kid. You are an IITian.Be matured. Hope you never mind.

Wish You Best of Political Times Ahead Mr. Nayak-The Real Hero

Yours Fellow Professor


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