Suryaputra Karn: When Did Karna Meet Vyasa?

Suryaputra Karn Karna
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TV serial Suryaputra Karn yet another time is showing us a sequence which is not only baseless but also not possible. Well, we see Karna meeting Vyasa before the birth of Duryodhana. What’s more, the duo meet Gandhari when she is fed up with life as she cannot become a mother.

However, this is not correct because Gandhari’s pregnancy and the birth of Duryodhana had no connection with Karna at all:

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Satyavati Makes Rishi Vyasa Meet Gandhari

When Yudhistr is born to Kunti in the forest, Dritrashtra becomes restless as Gandhari  is still childless in spite of being pregnant from a long time. Frustrated Gandhari then beats her womb and delivers a lump instead of a baby.

Knowing this Satyawati then approaches Rishi Vyasa who then divides the lump into 100 equal parts, keep them in pots filed with ghee and seal into the earth for about 1 year.

However, here we see Gandhari wants to end her life as Dritrashtra disowns her. While, the real scene was Satyavati bringing Rishi Vyasa in front of Gandhari, here we see Rishi Vyasa accompanied with Karna who then witness a sad and depressed Gandhari ready to commit suicide.

One wonders how come Suryaputra Karn is with Rishi Vyasa and how come they meet and then save Gandhari’s life. This is weird because we do not find such an instance in Mahabharat where Karna met Rishi Vyasa when he was a kid and that too before the Kauravas were born.

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