Move On – It’s a Human Basic Right To Grow

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In the month of Movember when the whole man jack is freaking about men’s health and prostate cancer, the author is just thinking about supporting the mustache movement and other critical issues of young India. The issues are natural but not so very new.

Some of them will be uttered afterward. First, the concern is all about Mr. Arnab Goswami who has recently resigned from the position of Editor-in-Chief of Times Now.


His fans have observed many moments of noise and his dissociation with Times Group has become a buzz over social media. He is a person who largely loved and hated by press, people, politicians, and cops.

I believe he became famous for his looks, communication, and fearless voice. Few of his fans are still doubtful and are confused about his resignation.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry still think Arnab is observing an extended Diwali leave. Few hours before I have read many articles related to his resignation in Hindustan Times, Firstpost and so on.

Career Move On – It’s a Human Basic Right To Grow

The controversy is all about whether it is a kind of sea change in Indian media or it’s a kind of churning of key manpower. The 2016 era too witnessed the shocking mystery of Cyrus Mistry in Tata House. 

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Similarly, China demanding few land in India for its “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) twin projects under the Silk Road Economic Belt and the complementary Maritime Silk Road.

Anyways, whether India will collaborate with this BRICS Asian superpower or not that’s a separate issue-let’s now come back to the veritable confusion of the author’s mind i.e. key people leaving great companies.

The article will give its own views – the pros and cons of this new age HR problem. Of course, when good people leave, friends turn foes. People start bad mouthing.

It’s real time to observe the world without getting disturbed from within. You cannot just expect the whole world around you will be suddenly like Ramrajya. People would start showing their real ugly faces. You can know your fair weather friends.

There are many colleagues whom you might have seen buttering the bosses and moving with a pen and paper without doing any work and in the evening sharing lowest brand of rum with road side people or peons. 

But they still believe in a policy that after having 1 or 2 pegs or even a bottle for Rs.100 these only right persons are supposed to give a call to their bosses on certain rubbish official issues where they have to complain about everything in the world excepting their fake work all day round.

Probably the person is only No.1 Mr. Perfect. This is called the art of being spoon. The bosses too like this kind of adhocracy. One has to enjoy every aspect of life. This is natural when people leave the whole universe especially your old company will speak against you. But the cause needs to be found out.

The bottom line is hiring and talent management is not enough .We need to nurture and help talented people to grow up the ladders. Then only they can stick to job. Dostana breaks. 

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It’s part of life. Closest pals turn foes like Bush – Osama. You would name one, thousands are available. If you have taken a decision, please don’t look back. You have to move on in your job and career. It’s a human basic right to grow.

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