Secularism & Equality in India Is Fading in the Wake of Pseudo-patriotism

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The sneak flick write- up would discuss something in context to the killer range of spunky but major social problems and contemporary issues of our time like secularism and gender equality which need to be reconsidered. 

Recently, in a public forum at Bundelkhand, PM Modi has openly opposed the triple talaq and polygamy rituals amongst the Muslims which are anti-constitutional as per Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

Cartoon by Avinash Cartoonist

This is, of course, a kind great revolution or maha parivartan but we have to take into account some other issues related to Hinduism too.

The Supreme Court has banned these items because it feels that this kind of practice is actually an act of humiliating the female gender and generation. Even if it is religious but still any religion is not above the Constitution of India.

If equality is a point of reference then we have to give the same to Muslim women too. It’s all about justice be it Hindu or Muslim. The hardcore modern Muslims countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey don’t even internally support customs like talaq and having multiple wives for enjoyment.

But the code has to be filtered again to remove few flaws like gau rakshaks mostly targeting Dalits and Muslims in the name of secularism and Hindus killing girls against boys.

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 If these fundamentalists are so much nation loving people then why the beef taking Hindus are safe and not exposed? Henceforth we need to uplift the women.

Secularism and Equality in India

In my opinion in India both Hindus and Muslims are having equal rights and building a Ram Mandir above the ruins of Babri Masjid is also against equality. Ayodhya is having lots of other good places. Why again to build a temple in the same place which is sparking disparity and violence in our country?

We need to have an even balance all over the region. It’s high time to stop politicization of every factor in the name of conformity and spirit. Again majority of the leaders now think that terrorism is all about to be in a war with Pakistani actors and producers like Karan Johar who is actually a gem of a person and love lyrics. 

He has shown his multiple talents in the recent Bollywood flick called Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which should be renamed as Ae Dil Badi Mushkil due to so called patriotic Hindu leaders.

Plus, Maharashtra’s great & matured leaders like CM Devendra Fadnavis & Raj Thackeray of MNS instead of pacifying the situation had threatened filmmakers. They could have arbitrated the issues. Isn’t it anti-constitutional?

These leaders of such great stature are not maintaining the laws and against films of India. Even today cinema halls and theatres are attacked. It’s just a question of protecting Indian citizens.

I am not advocating in favor of Muslims or any other community. We have to wipe out nepotism from our marginal approach. We have to make every person bit more fearless.

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Thank God Indian army has not taken a sum of 5 crores from these Pakistani artistes which demanded by many patriotic leaders of our time. Thus we have to enforce everything in a more secular way. We have to broaden our avenues with broad mind and stop being too casual in all matters.

These thugs of Hindustan need to focus on livelihood in place of pseudo-patriotism. I can call all these bullshits as Merciless Gandhigiri. Let’s stop this G*ndugiri in real.

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