Asian Geopolitics Now: A Bull In A China Shop?

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There is an idiom in English literature called “bull in a China shop.” Normally a shop where Chinese items are kept and is too delicate to be handled properly.

Once upon a time around 1940, one American press agent had brought a bull inside a China shop to experiment the same but astonishingly the animal kept its cool whereas the shoppers got disturbed and due to public fear and stampede, the shop got partially destroyed.

Image Source: Pakistan Today

Asian Geopolitics Now: A Bull In A China Shop?

This shows a bull is a bull as always and it can cause damage indirectly too. The same kind of situation is now happening in America and India where Donald J. Trump and PM Modi are acting as if they are red bulls and White House and/or Indian Parliament are China shops.

Initially we thought the Indo-American relation is going to improve after American elections but Donald is now trying to keep a healthy relationship with Pakistan and the great Nawaz Sharif has already sent his associates to White House to highlight the Kashmir issue.

Similarly, America has already started keeping good relationships with Taiwan which is again becoming a bottleneck for China. Taiwan wants to get freedom through American support.

All these things indicate that in future the Asian geopolitics is going to be turbulent due to these bulls.

On Kashmir issue, India has always avoided the interference of third parties but Americans want to mediate. The second one is forced patriotism by NaMo and now in multiplexes even before screening of “A” grade films there is a national anthem.

International Relations: The World is Likely to be Divided into many Mini Sub Cultures.

So we are divided by demonetization and united by patriotism. Hence all I can say – Fools run where angels fear to trade. By watching NaMo and Trump the proverb can be told other way – Bulls run where intelligent people fear to trade.

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