International Relations: The External Diplomatic Affair Between India & Great Britain

Ms.Theresa May, the PM of the UK is exactly going David Cameron’s way. Probably the external diplomatic affair strategy for India can be compared to preparing an omlette without breaking an egg.

The following illustrations of International Relations are supporting this  hypothesis:

Theresa May has chosen India as her initial touring destination and it’s the first foreign country beyond European territory. She wants to rebuild an economic relationship with India and on the contrary her opinions towards Kashmir and Pakistan are diagonally different from Indian views these days whereas America has given a very clear view against Pakistan backed terrorism and it’s quite welcoming to see both Trump and Hillary speaking in support of Hindutva.


But the Great Britain has kept mum in these issues which is quite surprising. Moreover just before this Indian chicken curry tour she has shown undue sympathy and empathy to Pakistan.

It’s again a kind fair weather friendship which is getting reflected from her double standard speeches and it might be due to her strong bonding with Benazir Bhutto in the past.

The signature campaign drama in Britain couldn’t create a greater impact too in spite of 20,000 signatures. But India is always Britain friendly in many aspects and we expect the same kind of reaction to Indian love.

If she is not supposed to change her Indian aspect then FTA is likely to be affected because Indian economy is now almost in its peak point for the foreign contries to invest. Now the other EU countries are not that supportive and condusive for Britain.

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If the country builds a good rapport with India then possibly it’s going to get huge profits from segments like accounting, art, engineering, publishing, fashion designing, graphics and animation. But we are not in lower end rather we are going to overpower because the EU is eyeing on Indian soil.

If Brexit happens then Theresa has to be after India only. It’s better if she can make things clearer as quick as possible.

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It’s only possible if she breaks the eggs for preparing omlette dishes. Without breaking International relations with Pakistan it’s not possible to win Indian hearts atleast at this point in time when Hindus are suffering due to terrosism.

Again it’s quite astonishing that during her Bangalore tour she has kept a distance from huge IT and ITES backbone of the place.

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