#TalibaniRamdev – Baba Ramdev Trolls & Memes – Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

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Baba Ramdev is in news yet again. No, not because of Patanjali products but because of his violent dialogues. Basically, he was answering to Owasi in relation to his Bharat Maata Ki Jai Comments. In simple words what he meant was, “Tu Silent Ho Ja, Nahi toh Mai Violent Ho Jayunga!”

However, you need to see the Heights of his violence.

If there were no laws, Baba Ramdev would have been a butcher instead of being a Yoga guru!


Image Courtesy: @RSS4India via Twitter

Trolls Have An Alternative Solution for Ramdev Baba!


Image Courtesy: @RVCJ_FB via Twitter


Image Courtesy: @RVCJ_FB via Twitter

Ramdev Baba after Severing Heads of Fellow Citizens after Constitutional Permission, in a Parallel Universe


Image Courtesy: @kanikagahlaut via Twitter

#TalibaniRamdev – Ramdev Baba goes the ISIS way!


Image Courtesy: @Skull_Baba via Twitter

“Say Bharat Maata Ki Jai or I’ll Behead You” – Baba Ramdev


Image Courtesy: @GauravPandhi via Twitter

Baba Ramdev Twitter Trolls – Talibani Ramdev

इस ढोंगी Baba Ramdev मे और औवेसी मे क्या फर्क है ? दोनो ही दूसरे धर्मों के लोगों के सर काटने की बात करते हैं


The Art of Beheading Well explained Babaji!

But, we have a Question for Swami Ramdev –


Image Courtesy: @ManjulToons via Twitter

Guruji, Is there a Yogasana to control our tongues?

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