Know how the Enemy Property Act Makes an Indian, an Official Enemy of India!

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The Modi Government has gone one step ahead and is ready to declare our own Indian Citizens as our Enemies, and officially too! This is not something which many people would know, but in 1968 an Act was passed called the ” Enemy Property Act “.

What is an Enemy Property Act and how does it Affect You?

During various aggressions on India (by Pakistan or China) a number of people had fled the country and migrated to the attacking country leaving their property behind. The act basically allowed, the Central Government, through a Custodian to secure such property. However, in cases where the next of kin of the person who has migrated, remained in India, as an Indian citizen, would not be included under this Act.


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Now, the Modi Government has passed an Ordinance amending the “Enemy Property Act”. Under this amendment, the “Enemy Subject” will also include the legal heirs and successors even if he is a Citizen of India.

So basically, if you are a legal heir of a migrant to Pakistan or China, you will be considered as an Enemy, even if you are an Indian Citizen. And of course, your property will be termed as ” Enemy Property ” and will be taken into Custody by the Government.

You will also not be able to sell your property as the sale will be considered as null and void. And most importantly, you will not even be able to file a case in the Court of Law, thus stripping you off any basic rights and liberties that you have as an Indian Citizen.

And of course, the Custodian can dispose off the property as he deems fit. So the “Custodian” basically becomes the “Owner”

So, the message this Government is giving out is pretty clear.

How Can You Become an Official Enemy of India?

If your ancestors had fled to Pakistan or China, leaving you behind, you are an Official Enemy of India. We will take away your land and kick you out of your homes and you won’t be able to appeal anywhere or do squat about anything.

According to reports, Enemy Property, simply in Mumbai includes Rs. 310 Crores in Fixed Depostis, Rs. 177 Crore in Bank Savings, Rs. 37,54 Lakhs in Gold and Jewelry and around 1000s of Crores in property. You can imagine what the situation would be in the rest of the country.

So, just in case you think this is not about Land Grabbing and money hogging from the Citizens of our own country, you might want to have a rethink on that.

Disclaimer: Two minutes of silence for all those who actually fell for the Jhumla of “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” and five minutes of silence for all those who still believe that BJP is an “Inclusive Party”.

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