Know How Foreign Direct Investment Save Venetians and Venice?

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Venice is famous for its multi-faceted heritage and when we think of Italian fashion this city of islands and canals comes to any powerful mind in tranquility. On the other way, this beautiful place is in danger because of the huge inflow of the foreign tourists who are gradually outnumbering the city’s native people.

The population is diminishing because the government is promoting only tourism and other sectors are closing down their premises to build hotels, restaurants, food joints to absorb the wanderers. The regional people are getting jobless.


Hence, in order to revive its broken economy, we need to bring young people with brilliant ideas into the system.

Foreign Direct Investment Can Save Venetians in Venice, Italy

Moreover, we have to create enough relevant jobs for the people and merchants of Venice land through manufacturing and Foreign Direct Investment. The natives here are only serving as waiters and facing the wraths of traveler.

Most of them are working in unorganized sectors and that’s the reasons they are bound to leave due to poor lifestyle issues. It’s now a moral responsibility for the government to provide the denizens with some privileged lifestyle and income sources.

There is also a need for more creative jobs. Again, if you want something to rejuvenate a heritage site we have to encourage some more leaders because somebody should lead from the front with strong will power and dedicated service.

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There should be a strong code of conduct for the tourism industry too because it’s a question of regulating the traffic and footfalls. We need to make the law and order more strict even if the economy is purely tourism oriented.

The different cultural sites should be well protected. All these efforts can only save the Death of Venice otherwise the Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare will only be remembered without its origin by the generations to come.

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Even filmmakers should be encouraged to utilize this place for outdoor shooting. If we prepare few lucrative schemes then we can capitalize the money of Hollywood or Bollywood to save this finest place which almost many cities are doing as a part of income making and revenue generation.

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