Why Meditation is the Route to Manifestation? How Meditating Helps In Manifesting Your Desires?

Manifestation requires a lot of faith and trust in the ‘not yet’ seen. It expects us to believe in, not just ourselves, but all those invisible and invincible forces that govern the way that the planets and moon wobble so perfectly on their axes and orbits.

The same forces that make the sun show up every single morning day after day; ensure that the grass grow, flowers bloom and guarantees that the moon changes it phase after specific interval of time, are the very forces that ensure manifestation is a real process! The only ‘difference maker’ when it comes to manifest anything that which you want is ‘faith’.

Now, how can ‘you’ as an individual build the ‘faith’ to attract your invisible desire? Well, here’s the hack – ‘meditation’. Yes, there’s a reason why almost all the gurus, coaches, teachers, and/or intuitives swearing manifestation put so much emphasis on ‘meditation’.

What is Meditation and how does It help you to Manifest that which you Desire?

Meditation is a simple process of watching your own mind; a process wherein you connect with the present moment by being aware. Wondering how this simple process becomes the basis of attracting that which you desire? Well, here’s the answer –

When you meditate, you are in a state of watching yourself, both, your mind and your thoughts. In this state, you neither fight with your thought nor you try to control your mind. You simply stand there as a bystander, a choiceless witness with neither any bias nor any prejudice towards your thoughts.

This helps you to stay neutral; where you don’t distinguish your thoughts as good or bad, beautiful or ugly, beneficial or harmful. In simple terms, it helps you to remain non-judgemental. As rightly quoted by one of the Internet’s best Professional Muse Lisa Vaz ‘From the middle, both sides are the same!’

As manifestors, one of the initial hiccups is to rely on ourselves by connecting with Universal forces through belief, just like you rely on your phone to connect to the WiFi using invisible waves coming out of the router – which obviously can be done easily with ‘Meditation!’

Meditation Helps you to Get Out of Unhelpful Thinking Pattern

How many times have you heard that in order to seek that which you desire, you need to change your mindset? That you need to get rid of all those unhelpful thinking pattern that is creating all the harm in your mind? That you ‘have’ to come out of those ‘mental blocks’ that have been instilled in your mind from childhood, something like ‘money is hard to come by’ ? Perhaps a hundred times already, isn’t it?

Now that meditation helps you to ‘be clear’, it also distance you from any sort of negativity, fear and/or doubt that you have. Fear, doubt and negativity as we know are three of the biggest hindrances in the process to manifest anything. Moreover, the process of meditating helps you to get away from all the prejudices that you have grown up learning.

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It Helps You to Be At Peace.

By letting go, all of the fear, doubt, frustration, sadness, you not only distance yourself from all sort of anxiety or stress, but you also create a peaceful atmosphere around yourself.

So, when you meditate you stay away from all your worries and judgemental behaviour, which inturn makes you much more peaceful and calm. Now that  like attracts like, peace attracts peace – having not only a positive impact on your thoughts, but also on your ability to manifest things!

When you Meditate, You are Open and Ready to Receive

Only when you are ‘open and ready to receive’, you can absorb everything that is coming your way, then whether it is ideas, thoughts and/or messages.

No wonder, when you meditate you are an open channel to receive everything that the Universe has to offer you. This is the reason when you meditate, you get so many inspired ideas and intuitive guidance.

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Meditating Regularly Improves You As a Person

If you know the golden rules of manifestation, you know you have to practice gratitude – thanking almost everything that comes your way. While, the practice of gratitude can be a little difficult if you are not in a right mindset currently, you’ll notice the shift when you start meditating.

Nevertheless, meditation, is a self-help tool which benefits you so much that ‘you’ by default instil the attitude of gratitude in yourself. You learn to forgive people, let go off all the grudges and in the process – You move a level up, from an average person to an awesome person!

Yes, this is the reason why it is said that, the road to manifestation goes right from the path of meditation! All set to manifest? Meditate!!!

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