Law of Attraction is Incomplete: Here’s the Real Route to Manifestation!

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Having problem in manifesting that which you desire in spite of following Law of attraction strictly? And everything that the mainstream books, products, videos and services are offering you?

Well that’s because all things taught in the mainstream media have missing pieces. It is just like the tip of the iceberg – only a small part of the real process. Yes, just the minute part of the large mass of ingredients required to manifest that which you desire.

We all know that one of the main requisites (mandatory one!) of Law of attraction is to be happy, excited and positive all the time but being a human being there’s a lot going in our mind. This is the reason somehow there is an instant disconnect with LOA for many of us; because even though we are going from a low phase, we are supposed to be happy and excited all the time.

Over the years post reading ‘The Secret’ and following the Law of Attraction religiously things did turn in my favour at times but exploring more into the path I always thought (like majority of us) there is something missing in the whole process. I had no clue what the real missing aspect was until I stumbled across Lisa Vaz – A professional Muse who have been changing several people’s reality for good with her abundant spiritual knowledge. Yes, her knowledge, methods and teaching let’s you manifest anything that you want.

Here are some of the things that Lisa Vaz insists upon before showing you the real and actual process to manifest anything that you want:

Law of Attraction Is not a Real Law

Yes, law of attraction is not a real law, it is actually a combination of two of the seven hermetic principles. The seven hermetic laws are the principle of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, gender, cause and effect and rhythm.  Law of attraction is just the combination of two of the seven principles – the principle of vibration and the principle of mentalism.

So, while coming up with an innovative concept of law of attraction, the founders thought of using a lot of the ancient knowledge. But to grasp ancient knowledge, is a bit much to swallow as it challenges a lot of things like ingrained beliefs, culture and even religion.

So instead of fighting with all those things, they just thought of picking up two of the simplest things – mentalism and vibration (which makes sense). For instance, mentalism is quite simple, like, if we are thinking we are having a bad day, we will face a bad day. If we are having a bad day and even if something good happens we are not happy. So the makers of law of attraction figured it out and came up with an all new law – The law of Attraction.

And what a law, it is not only digestible but also marketable! Today, everybody is capitalizing on law of attraction which however is not a law, let alone a real law.

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Westernised Karma Is Deceiving

Often we have these questions – 1. How is it that some people do bad things and get away from it. 2. How can some people create things that they want even if they aren’t worthy enough or least deserving. We had/have these questions throughout our life – in school, in college, at work..everywhere…

Well, the truth is everything is about belief. We are raised or rather programmed in a way that we believe – good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished. This is the reason why we behave in a certain way that our parents, teachers, society and government wants us to behave. However, this rule or law isn’t followed by the universe.

The universe doesn’t reward you if you are good or punishes you if you are bad, it simply responds to your thoughts and bestows you with that which you think and believe. This is the reason why the most deserving student of your class is still struggling with a good income job whereas that universally labelled bitch is getting promotions after promotions.

So how do you choose to think on those lines, something that can align you in such a way that you can easily manifest things?

Have you ever wondered that there were times when you could easily manifest some of the very cool stuffs without even doing anything? Well that’s because your mind, body, energy were completely aligned in a particular space that helped you achieve your goal without even knowing.

While we manifested few random things out of the blue there are people out there including you and me (by the way I’m manifesting plenty of things currently) who have been manifesting on a daily basis all the things that they desire anytime they want.

Just by pushing thoughts in a particular direction several of them are getting results. Let me tell you these people are not guided by the mainstream teachers but by those who have ancient knowledge; some of them also practised with the monks.

Debunking some of the Mainstream Beliefs and Practises Used in Law of Attraction

Belief that Universe will give you even better – While law of attraction tells you, that you’ll get what you want (this thing or something better), the truth is, you can get exactly the same thing that you wish – the very specific thing until you choose to change your mind. Yes, a specific romantic partner, a specific business and even a specific goal.

Vision Boards – If you think vision boards will help you in manifesting things, you are wrong. Vision boards might help you get one thing out of the blue but not everything you want. In fact, there are plenty of us who haven’t manifested anything from the vision board. On the contrary, these boards bring a lot of doubt, stress and anxiety – which obviously is toxic for manifesting your desires.

Blurbing Affirmations Randomly – A lot of the people affirm things randomly without trusting it or believing it. In fact, deep in their mind and body, a lot of things are going on but instead of clearing those, they simply affirm sentences without connecting to it emotionally. Yes, unless and until you feel it, believe it and emotionally connect with the sentence, affirmation will not really work out for you.

Excitement? Just be NORMAL – You don’t have to be excited about things all the time. Excitement if natural, is healthy but for the heck of it, is simply wastage of energy. For instance, if you are travelling and you have nothing to drink, you’ll be excited if you see a bottle of water. However, if you are at home and want to drink you obviously, won’t be like, “Oh my god how excited I’m to have this amazing bottle of water.”

This is where the LOA fails as you can’t be excited all the time. The fact is you don’t have to be excited all the time. Just be normal, go in the flow and enjoy the moment. Things work much better if you are normal than just faking your excitement.

Wondering, if these things didn’t work for you, what will work for you? Well, a detailed step by step process by Lisa Vaz as learnt under some highly trained spiritual teachers reveals the basic ingredients to manifest anything that you desire –


Two of the most core prerequisite of manifestation is 1. You have to have immense control on yourself. 2. You have to non-reactive. While, we may wonder what can really help us to bypass these major hindrances, the answer is simply M-E-D-I-T-A-T-E.

Yes, meditation is the tool that allows you to stay in the middle, it gives you the strength to be non-judgemental. This is the reason why Lisa often quotes, “From the middle, both sides are the same!” After all, being in the middle not only controls you, lets you be non reactive and gives you the strength to create powerful thoughts to push them to change your reality.

Think What You Desire

You might just end up having what you want. So focus only on things that you want – the things that you really really want, the things which you want badly and you can go lengths to get it.

Once that is done, write your intention on a paper in a single sentence. The shorter the better. The more you meditate, the more your mind will come up with accurate powerful statements. (For creating powerful statements check here).

Make A Sigil and Fire It Off

Take the sentence, cancel out all the vowels, repeating consonants and then make a diagram out of the remaining letters in any way you wish. This is nothing but a sigil. A sigil is very powerful tool when it comes to manifesting anything that you desire.

This diagram is a representation of your intentions so that your subconscious mind grasps it quickly. Yes, it has the power to transform your intentions into your reality. In fact, it can change your reality very quickly.

Once done, you can fire it off. There are various methods to do so. People who have been firing off sigils have manifested several things. Me for instance could manifest a pending payment which was almost impossible to get, within just 3 days of firing a sigil. The key is however to have proper sentences and forget the sigil completely.

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Action Time

Done all the work? Now is the time to sit back and wait for the results. Well, waiting means do the normal stuff that you do, your daily routine etc. Also, this is the time to do some work that would accelerate your intention. However, don’t get obsessed about the results. I repeat don’t get obsessed with the results.

Moreover, don’t doubt, don’t fear, don’t stress over the result. Simply, hand everything to the universe and let it gift you what you want, just the way you order your meal in the restaurant. I know it is difficult to forget what you badly want, but trust me it works effectively that way. In addition, if you meditate regularly, it will help you to remain right at the center, and manifesting become much easier for you.

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These four steps have changed many people’s lives across the globe. People like you and me are manifesting everything (relationships, money, vacations, health, well-being) on a daily basis.

Curious to know more? Contact Lisa Vaz – A Professional Muse who have been helping people to manifest businesses, high paying jobs, relationships, holiday in distant land and much much more through her masterclasses. Join her latest Masterclass and manifest faster than ever using techniques that have not been shared in the mainstream who practise Law of attraction.

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