6 Steps That Can Help You to Manifest Money Fast

We all want to change our reality when it comes to money, wealth and success. And you know what? No matter where you stand today on the financial meter, you can attain any amount without having to wait any longer. Well, you as a manifestor do not really have to get your decks in a row to accomplish your desire of making more money. After all, you do deserve everything, but then you need to first ‘decide’ what do you want. If you are not seeing the results you want in your life, it is only because you haven’t made a decision yet. Nevertheless, with decision comes thoughts, with thoughts comes clarity, with clarity comes beliefs, with beliefs comes confidence, with confidence comes right behavioral changes and with this change comes the right ACTION.

Here’s how to manifest money fast and consistently

Step 1: Set Your Intention Around Money – Be Specific and Clear

What is your current desire around money? $1000 in 10 days? $15,000 in a month? $2,000 for a trip? Specific money to buy a house or a car? Think and figure out what is it. The biggest obstacle people come across when manifesting anything is not knowing what they really really want. So, decide what you want, get clear on the actual amount you want to manifest and be specific with the numbers along with the time you want to receive it.

If you want to manifest the exact real copy of the blueprint in your mind, you need to specific, be clear with a purpose around that amount of money – Why you want the money and what will you do with that money? You can write it down on a paper or journal it out in your intention diary.

Step 2: Visualize and Imagine to Manifest Money Fast

One of the biggest secrets of attracting anything you want is to be as if you already have it. After all, you attract what you are. So, visualize you have the specific amount, imagine it is coming your way, feel that it is happening and then picture yourself spending the way you wish to. If you quantified your desire in Step 1 to make $2,000 for a trip, then picture yourself enjoying and having fun on that trip. Visualize not only the feeling of making $2000 but also the fun and happiness you’ll have once you get that money to sponsor your trip.

You can leverage your visualization and imagination by affirming sentences that further amplify your thoughts and mind’s eye. Another method is to use the tapping method while you affirm your sentences.

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Step 3: Trust, Have Faith and Leave No Room for Doubt

Always go for the amount that you are confident enough. If $10,000 in 10 days seem achievable to your brain and conscious, aim for it. If not, settle for something that you can achieve and are fully confident of. For somebody, $10,000 in days is achievable, for somebody $1 million in 10 days is easy to manifest, you go for the amount that you think you can manifest even though you haven’t manifested it before. In similar fashion, you can set your goal to manifest money to buy your dream home and/or car even if you haven’t manifested it before.

Having complete faith and trust in your desire as well as in yourself can change everything for you. It is all about belief. Think of a child, how many times a child desires something in front of God and he/she gets exactly what he wants. It isn’t the God that is giving him what he wants but it is his unconditional belief in God that lets him have it what he truly desires. While an adult suffers from fear, doubt. and anxiety, a child’s innocence deprived of fear, and doubt help him to manifest anything that which he wants. Keep your faith like that of a child, leaving no room for doubt.

Step 4: Express Your Gratitude

See yourself in the state that you already have the money, be thankful for the abundance and prosperity that is coming your way. Thank the source, the Universe and everything in between that have made it possible. Express your gratitude, appreciate the moment and be grateful that it is happening.

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Step 5: Rewire Your Language

Once you set your intentions and do the above things, ensure that the language you speak is of abundance and do not in any way reveals your scarcity mindset. Talk as if you already have it. For instance, if somebody asks you if you are going to the trip for that which you have desired the money, don’t say, I don’t know or anything negative that might hamper your chance of not making to the trip. Simply use sentences that in a way strengthen your way of manifesting money to go to the trip.

So, if somebody asks you whether you are going to the trip, your answer should be – ‘Yes, I’m planning to and I do see myself enjoying and having fun at the place (name it)‘ or something similar. You can use such positive sentences in present tense when you speak about your intention. When you rewire your language, you get into the feeling space where you welcome that which you want with open arms.

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Step 6: Take Your Actions Steps

Now that you have set your intentions, feeling worthy, visualizing that you have it and you know you can manifest it, get onto your knees and take your action steps to make the desired money. Make a list of what you can do to get that specified amount/and or desire. If you can make money by selling your product, services and/or cracking a deal with a potential client you know, start working towards it without obsessing on the outcome. After all, you cannot just desire something very big and then go and eat sandwiches.

These six steps will not only help you to manifest money fast and quickly but also help you to manifest money consistently as a habit and routine.

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