Who Will Win Nach Baliye 7: Upen – Karishma Or Himmanshoo – Amruta ?

Upen Patel Karishma Tanna Nach Baliye 7
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Nach Baliye 7 is almost on the verge of its finale and we have 4 finalists – Himmanshoo – Amruta, Upen – Karishma, Rashami – Nandish, and Mayuresh – Ajisha. Now since we are aware that semi-finals will have no eliminations, we all know all the four contestants will be battling against each other in the finals. However, there is a twist and that is – The finals will not be dependent on the scores of the judge but the votes of the junta.


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Taking the voting thing into consideration, we now share our views of who can win Nach Baliye 7 and who has the chances of losing it out.

Mayuresh and Ajisha – The Dancing Couple

This choreographer Jodi made 61 out of 60 in the quarter finals where they got 30 out of 30 back to back in a single episode. The additional 1 mark was for the heart they got in the Daily Punchanama. Their dancing was not only flawless technically (as mentioned by the judge Marzi Pestonji), but also entertaining and pleasing. However, despite being the best dancing couple amongst the lot, we are afraid the couple cannot win the title – one, they are wild card entrants and two, they are not that popular like the other couples.

Rashami and Nandish – The Drama Couple of Nach Baliye 7

The couple has been making noise right from the very first week by sharing their marital woes. From talking about their differences to going through miscarriage, Rashami has been vocal about everything on the National Television. Now since, the couple’s objective was to grow closer with each other, I think they have already achieved it which is nothing like winning the title. That being said, although they are great performers, the chances of them winning the trophy are very bleak because the LA thing is still fresh in the minds of the viewers. No, they attempts to gain sympathy did not impress us at all.

Himmanshoo and Amruta – The Deserving Couple

Earlier, we had mentioned how Amruta and Himmanshoo have chances of winning this trophy. We are still betting on them. The couple we think just have to give dhamkedaar performance and maintain the energy level. In past two episodes Amruta Khanvilkar looked a bit lost. The liveliness and energy is missing somewhere. Even when she is sitting on the seats allotted to the contestants, her face is blank. We hope the two continue to put their energetic quotient fully because that is their USP. There are plenty of neutral voters out there, and the vote is ought to be with them apart from their own fans. Their only competition in Nach Baliye 7 is the below couple.

Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna ~ The Dhamkedaar Couple

The couple has everything that can make them the winners of Nach Baliye 7 – The dance, the chemistry, the choreographers who think very innovative and of course millions of fan who are just waiting for the finale to vote for them. We have always loved them as a couple and since they are great performers as well as crazy fans, there is huge chance that they might walk away with the winning booty.

Now what do you think – Who will win Nach Baliye 7 – The dhamkedaar Himmanshoo and Amruta or will it be viewers favorite UpMa? Or you are the one who is backing Rashami and Nandish? Please tell us in the comment section.

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